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44 Replies to “Caption this”

  1. Abhiiee Rana says:

    Ask virat kohli to caption this

  2. Farhan Mubin says:

    O God! I forgot to clear my browsing history 😁

  3. Azhar ShAikh says:

    I pooped my pants 😏

  4. John Campbell says:


  5. Tofaeil Hussein Babu says:

    Good morning everyone

  6. Rabiya Nuru says:

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  7. When your girlfriend start to chat with you but your battery is on 15 present 😂

  8. Junaid Awan says:

    When Boris tells you ‘if your friends ask you to meet, you should say NO’

  9. Muhammad Ahmad says:

    Deni k thanay janaa

  10. Riaz HassaNi says:

    Gutno ki kamzori waja…….baki ap khud samjdar hai

  11. Dmitry Zakrochinsky says:

    When will cricket come back ?!

  12. Firoj Khan says:

    What’s going on??

  13. Abhishek Ransingh says:

    Stoke: When Cricket is gonna come back? 😒

  14. Fabian Rozario Partho says:

    Go corona…corona go

  15. Swapnil Mahmud Rang says:

    Corona virus

  16. When someone use your charger 😁

  17. Sitarama Raju says:

    Ben stokes in kohli version😂

  18. Saqib Hussain Alvi says:

    گھروں میں رہیے پلیز!!!

    ایسا نا ہو کہ سوجی لینے جائیں اور “سوجی ہوئی” لے کر واپس آئیں

  19. Syed Zøraiz Hassan says:

    When someone accidentally eat yours biryani😁

  20. Manish Varma says:

    When Virat Kohli calls you “bhench*d” instead of “Ben Stokes” 😂😂😂

  21. Baba Ishfaq says:

    May be it is the pic of ashes

  22. රෝහාන් පැල්පිට says:

    Tell me a place to hide from the corona..!!

  23. Rahat Ghouri says:

    When every remediless in fornt of corona virus

  24. Fyad Ahmad Tanvir says:

    When he know, There is no Cricket match for One Month😰

  25. محمد احسن says:

    That time No corona Virus

  26. Prakash Kharel says:

    When Corona virus is looking for you

  27. AaLï KhAn says:

    When you have 10 dollers but suddenly you check it and they become 5 dollers

  28. Mohammed Hashir Hussain Yasir says:

    When you mistakenly get beaten by teacher in the class😂😂😂

  29. Tameez De Villier says:

    After knowing that your princess infected in corona😂

  30. Xtylish Khan says:

    When you are going to be single next ten years😂😂😂

  31. Mukesh Singh says:

    Go corona.. corona go😐

  32. Mofiz Ahmed says:

    Iam ripon is father of this cricketer 😏

  33. i need a washroom very badly 🏃🏃

  34. Sonnet Das says:

    Had thrown 1 wt20 but brought One WC and drawn ashes

  35. Shah Behram says:

    When you perform well in All Formats but you can’t forget those 4 sixes

  36. Muhammad Shah Bukhari says:

    When you see your younger brother is in relationships and you are still single

  37. Aaryan Mamgai Harish says:

    Ahhh! Ben stoked!!!

  38. Mohammad Imran says:

    Icc should take rest. World is facing such difficult crices, and they are bussy doing that. May Allah forgive us. Aameen.

  39. Muhammad Tabassum says:

    When you can’t reach the level of Freddie Flintoff

  40. রাফিউল ইসলাম রমি says:

    Go Corona..! 😪

  41. Mahesh Acharya says:

    Thats how you fell when you are locked inside of your own house for indefinite days ☹️ I

  42. Mohan Mali says:

    When you are advised to self quarantine for 2 weeks 😂

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