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42 Replies to “Defying gravity feet. Jonty Rhodes”

  1. In my country since my childhood if someone field well
    People called them johnty
    What a fielder he was
    Hats off

  2. We have spoken about replacement of legendary players from this Era or every era. And then there is Jhonty… Still this world is yet to see some one close to his capabilities… 💕

  3. There will always be controversy over Greatest batsman, greatest bowler; but not over Greatest ever fielder. Atleast until near future.

  4. Had a pleasure of meeting Mr. Rubber man in the l8e 90’s , when South African A cricket side were playing at Elkar Stadium -Soweto Vs d West Indies cricket side…hs stl one of my iconic fielders of Al time , always giving hs 💯 in Al format nd forever smiling #Salute #There’sNoOneLikeHm #GrtSportsmanship #LivingLengend! Period!

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