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42 Replies to “Defying gravity feet. Jonty Rhodes”

  1. Vinod Panchal says:

    Jonty rodhes great player

  2. Ladla Sager says:


  3. Mujeeb Mahesar says:

    Champions make team great

  4. Muhammad Bilal says:

    Boneless jhonty..

  5. Meraj Alam says:

    Not effect gravitational force

  6. Rajiv Chakraborty says:

    In my country since my childhood if someone field well
    People called them johnty
    What a fielder he was
    Hats off

  7. Md Anwar Hosen says:

    🏏🏏🏏my favorite player jhonty rhodes👈💖🏏🏏🏏

  8. Ruwan Tony says:

    What a player jonty Rhodes and world class fielder

  9. Rahul Dev Barman says:

    Best filder all time

  10. Ravii Ahmed says:

    One of best filder after umar akmal and kamran akmal

  11. M Moses Golzz says:

    Best fielder in the world

  12. Rasel Ahmad says:

    J Rhodes, AB de villiers, B McCalam , R Jadeja ther fileding is very brilliant…..

  13. Mohamed Yazeer says:

    One and only JR

  14. Nayyarkhursheed Qureshi says:

    He just turned around the Fielding style on his own

  15. Mubassir Rahman Titu says:

    Best fielder in cricket field ever
    Iconic Rodhes

  16. Ruba Prakash says:

    Ever world class fielder,
    Super man Rhodes.

  17. Aehmed Wahid says:

    Best fielder in the history of the game……

  18. MD Mejanur Rahman Shamim says:

    Great player’s
    Love them ❤

  19. Ajith LaVanya says:

    Salute Jhonty … Great Respect From INDIA.

  20. Greatest Cricketers of All Time..

  21. Chiranjit Banerjee says:

    Yesterday was Shakib Al Hasan’s birthday, ICC never wished him.

  22. Ali Shiekh says:

    On this day, Pakistan won the 1992WC, comprehensive,
    great victory great memories, Pakistan zindabad,

  23. Vinoth Jancy says:

    We have spoken about replacement of legendary players from this Era or every era. And then there is Jhonty… Still this world is yet to see some one close to his capabilities… 💕

  24. Kartik Sharma says:

    A better batsman can come a better bowler can come but no better fielder can’t come like him..❤

  25. Amjad Khan says:

    Shabby fielders should to learn from him how to snaffle a dolly..

  26. Nomair Mozumdar says:

    best for fielder.

  27. Muhammad Asim says:

    Lovely player he was,
    But in wc 99 failed while chasing
    Gibbs proud get them licked the dust

  28. Abhisek Panda says:

    There will always be controversy over Greatest batsman, greatest bowler; but not over Greatest ever fielder. Atleast until near future.

  29. Pran Rammanhor says:

    The best fielder of all time.

  30. Jacqui Nosy Gcingca says:

    Had a pleasure of meeting Mr. Rubber man in the l8e 90’s , when South African A cricket side were playing at Elkar Stadium -Soweto Vs d West Indies cricket side…hs stl one of my iconic fielders of Al time , always giving hs 💯 in Al format nd forever smiling #Salute #There’sNoOneLikeHm #GrtSportsmanship #LivingLengend! Period!

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