I made my global debut in 2004 I performed 118 Exams for England I celebr…

❇️ I made my global debut in 2004 ❇️ I performed 118 Exams for England ❇️ I rejoice my birthday in April ❇️ I used to be keen on 5️⃣ Ashes collection wins ❇️ I hit stunning duvet drives Who am I? 🤔


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40 Replies to “I made my global debut in 2004 I performed 118 Exams for England I celebr…”

  1. Thanks for the next day delivery available on the way

  2. Syed Sadiq Abbas says:

    Unbelievable.. 118… How, who the hell let u play that big nos….. With avg of 42…. Just like Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq… But still, 118 test matches….😤🥱

  3. Muhammad Tahir says:

    Ian Bell, what a player he is😍

  4. Sambit Ranjan Das says:

    Ian bell this guy

  5. Sharoon Shahzad says:

    Classic Ian Bell

  6. Rabin Shahi says:

    Ian Bell the master

  7. Fred Toua says:

    The Bell-ter…Ian Bell

  8. Bellal Hasan says:

    Ian Bell 100℅

  9. Alex Hatton says:

    Ian Bell. ❤️

  10. Firoz Mozumdar Makrul says:

    You are Mr,Lan Bell

  11. Zaman Khan says:

    Legend ian bell 😎

  12. Muhammad Asif says:

    One of my favourite Batsman Ian Bell

  13. Sachin Jadhav says:

    One off the stylish Batman in the world

  14. Tanvir Shafi says:

    Where is Shakib’s birthday post ICC?

  15. Vivekkumar Sugumaran says:

    Ian bell .. one of the classy player ever witnessed

  16. Shamil Khan says:

    I am not supposed to tell you this

  17. Santhosh Mazhavarayar says:

    And better late cut player from England team

  18. Shahriar Nishat says:

    Ian Bell..one of my favourite from England

  19. Saqib Malick says:

    Me thanks everyone & ICC

  20. Zohaib Iqbal says:

    Ian bell is legend 🤔🤔

  21. Mohammed Nasir Uddin says:

    #Ian Beel legendery stylist batsman

  22. Vishnu P R says:

    Ian Bell 🤘 can identify without clues..🤷

  23. Ebne Haqqanii Al Kohistanii says:

    Ian bell english younus khan

  24. Saeem Hodekar says:

    Ian Bell one of great player of international cricket

  25. ভালবাসার নীল স্বপ্ন says:

    I mean you are a mad,because you have forget your name.

  26. Vijay Vijay says:

    Bell rings so good for England

  27. Sunny Jethania says:

    In hindi

    In english
    Ian bell

  28. Islam Mujib says:

    lan bell,one of the stylish batsman

  29. Abbas Paracha says:

    lan bell, one of the stylish batsman

  30. Zohaib Iqbal says:

    Anyone tell me the name of england batsman who played for csk in 2018 and his name starts with s

  31. Malik Asrar says:

    Ian Bell finishes fastest Ashes match winning knock

  32. Sidhu Ricky says:

    One n only Ian bell he tried a lot to get back in team but couldn’t get a chance again

  33. Aamir Bhatti says:

    Ian Bell whose elbo in the front style I used to copy as a child. 😁

  34. Inam Ullah says:

    Ian bell. One of the finest exponents of the cover drive. 😍

  35. Zohaib Iqbal says:

    What is the full name of england cricketer siblings

  36. Montasir Armaan says:

    #Ian Beel a legenary stylist batsman

  37. Muhammad Ikram says:

    Lan Bell is a legendary stylish in England Jason Roy is a favorite player most dangerous player

  38. Muhammad Umer says:

    Ian Bell, very elegent and stylish batsman.

  39. MoHammed SoHrab AhMed says:

    I Don’t know but you should khow about yourself, this is none of my busyness

  40. Sagar Saraiya says:

    Ian Bell
    One of my fav.cover drivee

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