Vintage Wasim Akram | ICC Males’s Cricket International Cup 1992

Wasim Akram was once instrumental to Pakistan lifting the ’92 ICC Cricket International Cup 🏆 At the anniversary of the overall, his team-mates and warring parties recall what made him so just right.


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36 Replies to “Vintage Wasim Akram | ICC Males’s Cricket International Cup 1992”

  1. Muhammad Asim says:

    I salute kerry pecker who arranged a lovely tournament, brought high class commentators, and in final all elite commentary team was selected and no wc after that was so excellent in all respects
    I love Kerry pecker still and will ever

  2. Hamza Noor says:

    He takes wickets even when there was no drs system…Just imagine if wasim Akram was bowling with present circumstances..

  3. Charan Singh Barik says:

    He will fit into any all times eleven team as a pace man

  4. He is best left arm swing fast bowler world ever produced

  5. Jalal Haider says:

    Best left arm fast bowler ever play the game !

  6. Anirudh Chatterjee says:

    Wasim Akram’s bowling spell was 10-0-49-3.

  7. Bikash Dhakal says:

    Not the probably but the greatest fast bowler cricket has ever produced..

  8. Sidhu Ricky says:

    He was very natural left arm pacer, cricket will always miss him & Pakistan too

  9. Javaid Lone says:

    If bowling is art, Wasim is its Picasso !

  10. Arvind Singh says:

    Greatest of all time..Sultan of swing my favourite

  11. Muzamill Farooq says:

    We grow up seeing him bowling. We were lucky. He was a fast bowler of our era.

  12. Junaid Sabir says:

    The two ‘W’s in tandem was a sight to watch for cricket lovers of the 90s..

  13. Kishi Lal says:

    I couldn’t even play him on my xbox.
    A legend and a fantastic human being

  14. Shahid Iqbal Bhatti says:

    Wasim Akram the only man who will be included in all time eleven whenever it will be named. Cricket is incomplete without him

  15. Changaiz Khan says:

    He was the only bowler in history to be watched all day long and never get bored watching his bowling.

  16. Taranbir Singh says:

    It was a great performance of fast bowling that day

  17. Ks Adhikari says:

    Great bowler and great human being

  18. Farhan Alvi says:

    What an Incredible bowler, Fast bowling never looked so Good

  19. Sarathy PB says:

    The best fast bowler the world has ever seen…..Indian here and loads of respect…

  20. Aamir Hamid says:

    I’m 27 now, but if I could remember my childhood memories,, it includes Wasim Akram, Sachin Tendulkar, Syed Anwer, shoib Akhtar, Ricky pointing, Gilchrist, S. Jysuriya, Rahul Dravid, Mohd Yousuf, shain polock

  21. Zeshan Mir says:

    Greatest fast bowler of all times.
    Soothing to eyes and love his appealing style

  22. Govind Gupta says:

    Alk tym fvt bowler,nobody replace him,I luv that style whn he used to apeal,great….Luv from India…

  23. Abdal Yosafzai says:

    If someone will talk about fast bowling in world cricket there will must be a name The Great Wasim Akram

  24. Asif Manzoor says:

    Derek Pringle sir…there was no inside edge of chris lewis..that was clean bowled with sheer pace and lethal swing by the SULTAN OF SWING

  25. Muhammad Ais Baig says:

    Historical day for Pakistan, IK emerged as national leader and symbol of struggle

  26. Syed Tajwer Haider Kazmi says:

    No one can match the skill level that wasim had as a fast bowler pace bounce accuracy swing both ways yorker reverse swing and very very handy with the bat once in a life time cricketer

  27. Sutanu Das says:

    He wasn’t just a good bowler but real gentlemen of cricket who is very respected by all fans and other players all over the world.

  28. Johnny Benedict says:

    Every batsman’s nightmare.. best left arm fast bowler ever … cheers to gr8 WA ..

  29. Muhammad Asim says:

    Infact wasim was a hero at that time but after that he involved in gambling and match fixings and ruined so many player’s career
    Waqar, Rashid latif were his victims

  30. Sajid Imtiaz says:

    PAF fighter pilot Noman who had knocked down IAF redundant pilot abinundan, similar to Wasim Akram who used to bowl out Indian batsman every time whenever he played against India. And after the victory, Wasim Bhai used to say” tea is fantastic”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Shabbir Ahmed says:

    What an era we had…when wasim waqar n back up of aqib javed. ..Pakistan is the factory of producing fast bowlers. ..even now we have great fast bowlers…but I think wasim is best of the lot..

  32. Naeem Qamar says:

    Icon… u can put his action as a logo, u can put his celebration clipart as cricket joy, u can use his face sketch as a hero. That’s called an icon.

  33. Fahad Bashir says:

    King of swnig bowling..he teach the entire world how to reverse the ball from both ways old and new..geniune great bowler wasim bhai.lots of respect

  34. Waseem Akhtar Khan says:

    We loved the game, moment…it was incredible. Wasim no doubt a genius ..we surely love him and so proud of him.

  35. Santosh Nair says:

    Melcom Marshall Michel holding waquar unus and was I’m akram r the greatest fast bowler’s world has ever seen and it will remain the same for a long time

  36. Chiranjit Banerjee says:

    Yesterday was Shakib Al Hasan’s birthday, ICC never wished him.

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