What a catch!

Who took this ⚡️ catch?


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35 Replies to “What a catch!”

  1. Israr Khan says:

    Fantastic catch in world cricket

  2. Mohamed Shareef Monu says:


  3. Thamal R. Adikari says:

    Harbajan Sign

  4. M Rubul Kalita says:

    i think ish sodhi

  5. মহম্মদ ইমতিআজ ইসলাম says:


  6. Jahid Hasan Emon says:

    Daniel vettori world cup match 2015

  7. Rajat Kanungo Khandelwal says:

    Daniel Vettori in 2015 World Cup against West Indies 😍😍

  8. Waseem Akram Baloch says:

    Daniel Vettori. What a catch he took. Almost impossible.!!❤😮 Batsman Samuels 27 runs and the bowler was Boult

  9. Abdul Samad Orakzai says:

    Last Year The tea Was Fantastic
    And Now Fantastic Catch😂

  10. کاشف قریشی says:


  11. Mashrur Alam Sakib says:

    Its Daniel vettori

  12. Fattahil Rahi says:

    Daniel Vettori 😍.
    2015 wc Quarter Final 😍🤗

  13. Madhava Anvesh Ketepalle says:

    Ever young Daniel Vettori…

  14. Arsalan Azeem says:

    Vettori did that

  15. Tanjil Kabir says:

    my favourite vettori😍

  16. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Daniel vettori in 2015 world cup

  17. Muhammad Asgharr says:

    Grent Elliott…..

  18. Kaiser Hameed says:

    Daniel vettori during word cup match

  19. Nizam Farhad says:

    Looking like bumrah bowling

  20. Jay Chaniyara says:

    Denial victory

  21. Surajit Singha Roy says:

    Daniel Vettori The Gentleman

  22. Myste Rious says:

    A New Zealander..

  23. حذیفہ جلیل says:


  24. Jóhñ Sanu says:

    The catch has been taken by Corona virus

  25. Snc Kumara Chandra says:

    daniel vettori world cup macth

  26. Swapnil Shamim Swapnil Shamim says:

    Daniel Vettory.In 2015 WC

  27. Rohit R Nair says:

    The classical lefty one and only Daniel Vettori💓😍

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