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33 Replies to “Michael Preserving on what set Wasim Akram aside”

  1. Ladla Sager says:

    Brilliant swing Bowler 👏❤️❤️

  2. Raja Tehmas says:

    Srikkanth’s sons are crying 🤪

  3. TauQeer Asif Lillah says:

    Legend 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  4. Jansher Sanwal says:

    He was one who always got 1st over wicket love you waseem akrm

  5. Trupti Salgaonkar says:

    when pak was having him in the team we beat pak thrice in world cups 92,99,03 😍

  6. Aditya Naha Aadi says:

    One of my fav bowler.. 💓

  7. Uzair Khattak says:

    like tea are present around the world but it is fintastic in pakistan…

  8. Mohsin Bangash says:

    Something extraordinary

  9. Satyam Mudaliar says:

    Truly a legend! One of my most favourite swing bowler

  10. Mazahir Abbas says:

    All time legend ❤🇵🇰❤

  11. Baba Ishfaq says:

    He was the master of reverse swing

  12. Lance Chhuana Ralte says:

    My dream bowling opener with G. McGrath

  13. Omar A Baba says:

    M.Asif wasn’t any less than him.

  14. Zeshan Mir says:

    Control on seam and swing was quite remarkable ❤

  15. Nafisa Jabin says:

    King of swing👑👑

  16. Muhammad Taha says:

    Right said by a carribean.

  17. Vole J Jo says:

    Wasim the one in million bowler
    Short run up with immense control, quick arm action. 90+ mph. Deadly with the old bowl, reverse swing, round the wicket angle. Lethal bouncers with toe crushers also. Use to snatch games in last 10 overs. Skills never seen before. A great all rounder who averages 30+ in all formats. A great cricketer and ambassador of cricket. Guys like Boult, Starc and Shaheen will always reminds us of wasim but his legacy will remain untouchable 🤚
    90s era was dominated by two W’s
    Art of bowling is what Wasim Akram was all about..

  18. Wajid Iqbal says:

    how can you forget Muhammad Asif?

  19. Choudhry Azhar Kambo says:

    His swing was fantastic

  20. M Bilal Khan says:

    King of swing fast bowling

  21. M Rohail Hamza says:

    i thing wasim Akram is number one bower in the History of cricket

  22. Rahul Satyajit says:

    Bang on point… The control he possessed on ball was commendable… May be only two bowlers have seen with such control Wasim and McGrath…

  23. M Mustafa Khan says:

    No doubt he was a great bowler

  24. Best bowler of history.

  25. Maham Shah says:

    Best left arm swing bowler ever❤

  26. Arslan Tyagi says:

    Legend born here #Pakistan land of bowler’s

  27. Owais Ishtiaq Toor says:

    Exactly….That’s the reason to be known as “king of the Swing”😍

  28. Farrukh Rahman says:

    One of the greatest to have played the game .

  29. John D Wolsey says:

    True fabulous bowler .hurt England a lot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍷

  30. Hamza Khan says:

    Combinely would like to thanks all foreigners specially to Indians let’s cricket join us

  31. Faraan Awais says:

    Control, Coming from ”Here we go” Holding 😎 wise words Miky

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