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39 Replies to “20 Exams, 107 ODIs, 38 T20Is 293 world wickets An indicator celebratio…”

  1. Miftahul Hasan Sabbir says:

    Happy birthday 🎉

  2. Kishan Vasava says:

    Happy birthday imran tahira bhai

  3. ساجد حسین says:

    Happy Birthday sir
    😍 from IoK Pak

  4. Sujon Ahmed says:

    Happy birthday imran tahir bro☺

  5. Farhan Ahamed Ariyan says:

    Happy birthday, my one favorite bowler

  6. Mohamed Zesan says:

    Happy birthday Usain Bolt(light version)😁😁

  7. Happy Birthday Imran Tahir🎂🎁🎂🎈

  8. রাফি সাব্বির says:

    Happy birthday ,, Imran Tahir.. 💚💚💚

  9. Hashe Jayasinha says:

    1000 km runs

  10. Abdul Kaium says:

    A trademark celebration

  11. Wawai Bacha Qta says:

    Father of indian cricket team nd pakistani born S African h b d imran tahir

  12. Subhadip Das says:

    Even opposition player loves his celebration

  13. Asif Alee says:

    Such a legend..❤👍

  14. Listless Alamin says:

    Wicket has taken!! Run run run

  15. Alex Allan Raja says:

    Happy birthday

  16. Travis Malcolm says:

    A true performer,u believe with the bat NO,the BALL!Imran is so good

  17. Abdul Haleem says:

    HBD runner 😜😜

  18. Ajay Patel says:

    Add 293km celebration running in his record

  19. Naveen Sangal says:

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎈 🎂

  20. Rajanikanta RK says:

    Happy birthday

  21. Mainak Mukherjee says:

    Happy birthday.

  22. MD Jannatul Ferdous says:

    Happy birthday

  23. Ladla Sager says:

    Happy birthday ❤️🇵🇰

  24. Amir Satti says:

    Happy birthday leg breaker….

  25. Mohammad Pabel Hossen says:

    Happy Birthday

  26. Samina Sarwar says:

    Happy birthday!

  27. Tanmay Chowdhury says:

    Happy Birthday Tahir Pa G💝 Running Boy

  28. Ganesh Singh Saud says:

    hapoy birthday to you 🎉🎉
    #respect from 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  29. Sohrab Uddin says:

    Happy birthday, my one of the most favorite bowler

  30. Ghulam Qadir NaQshbndi says:

    love from Pakistan…..Because you are also Pakistani Hbd

  31. Pratim Dhakal PD says:

    Happy birthday south african Baikuntha Manandhar😁😁

  32. Gnyanendra Mund says:

    Hppy birthday usian bolt of cricket

  33. Sifiso Gfsto Mdlazi says:

    His celebration🤗🕺 is the best thing ever.

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