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14 Replies to “James Anderson simply needs to play some cricket!”

  1. Diptesh Chakrabortty says:

    All cricket lovers are requested to join this troll free fan base

  2. Debabrata Sarkar says:

    Yes definitely but…. IPL khelo pahele….

  3. HilAl AhMad says:

    Stay at home pakistaniO
    Tea was fantastic✌

  4. Mian Mashhood says:

    Come in my town just wearing masks….
    Oopsss no flight…

  5. Prakash Khanal says:

    Play cricket with yourself in Quarentine!

  6. Rana Waqas Rajpöot says:

    He is a Great swinger

  7. Rakibul Mishor says:

    hahaha he is waiting for the time when he will be thrown away from the team like Dhoni.. It is best time for him to retire… Should take retirement with peoples respect not criticism..

  8. Rakibul Islam Rakib says:

    He is a Great swinger

  9. Mishal Duaa Arain says:

    ‏بیویوں سے ہاتھ جوڑ کے گزارش ھے کہ گھروں میں بند شوہروں کا پلیز خیال کیجیۓ۔۔

    کیونکہ اسلام میں قیدیوں کے ساتھ بھی حسن سلوک کرنے کا حکم ھے۔

  10. Thandoluhl Mbusi Sokhela says:

    Let him play wth the VURUS thn he’ll play the final on th graveyards wth GHOST ….😃😅🏃

  11. Muhammad Imran says:

    King of swing

  12. Mularam Bhakar Jaat Osian says:


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