2007: T20WorldCup hero 2020: Actual global hero In his post-cricket profession as a…

2007: T20WorldCup hero 🏆 2020: Actual global hero 💪 In his post-cricket profession as a policeman, India’s Joginder Sharma is amongst the ones doing their bit amid an international well being disaster. [📷 Joginder Sharma]


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29 Replies to “2007: T20WorldCup hero 2020: Actual global hero In his post-cricket profession as a…”

  1. S Bhaskar says:

    Joginder Sharma never played for India again.

  2. पंडित विशाल पांडेय says:

    Some great indian player should learn to him ❤

  3. Mârùf Răhmań says:

    Ind and icc good combination 🤭😷🖕

  4. Shekhar Salve says:

    One of the best post of ICC till now!!

  5. Bilalbutt Buttg says:

    Most respect from pakistan 🇵🇰

  6. Muhammad Humayoun Gujjar says:

    Ye bowler bhi bekar tha or police wala bhi

  7. Nirmal Poudel says:

    Time is so crucial for everyone around the clock

  8. Mohammad Shahbaz Sarkani says:

    #Corona Fight and succeed Respect From Peacefull Country Pakistan 🇵🇰

  9. Iqra Shahid Sheikh says:

    Now its time to feel the pain of Kashmiris.. What they suffer under curfew😐😐😐😐😐😐

  10. Rakesh Biswas says:

    Dad of Pakistan and Misbah

  11. Ahamed Faumi Mansoor says:

    Cricketer to police man my salute to him

  12. Khattak Sahab says:

    respect from pakistan 🇵🇰👍

  13. Shyam Kanchipati says:

    Misbah ul haq scoop is fantastic 😂

  14. Muhammad Imran says:

    ICC was this necessary to post???

  15. Shivan Gomez says:

    Say that again I only see Indian cricketers pics in ICC and ESPNCRICINFO

  16. Ayesha Afroj says:

    Icc why support India ? 😛😛😛

  17. Burhan Khan says:

    India is terrarist country .from khashmir

  18. Krunal Chandrashekhar Patil says:

    This man made opponent cry in the finals now he is fighting Corona 💪

  19. Arindam Chakarborty says:

    He is our real hero. Thanks for your valuable service in this most difficult situation.

  20. Umair Khan says:

    Will never forgive Misbah for that disaster.

  21. Anurag Sen says:

    People like jogi bhai and shahid bhai are real heroes of their countries

  22. Mir Bilal says:

    What about shahid afridi
    World cup hero in 2009 and real hero in 2020

  23. Muhammad Uzair says:

    Misbah ul haq is responsible for his career as DSP haryana

  24. Abdûs Sámàd says:

    Icc has nothing to do because of Covid-19.😁😁😁

  25. Ameer Moavia says:

    But real hero is Abhinandan who landed his Mig 21 for a cup of tea..

  26. Aninda Sarkar says:

    Joginder Sharma is DSP of Haryana police.

  27. Khyzer Shahid says:

    Pay respect to Doctors too

  28. Shary Khan says:

    M from Pakistan but at that moment salute you sir👍🏻 #respect

  29. Rajiv Chakraborty says:

    Now J.Sharma is a DSP on Haryana Police after his retirement in 2012 due to several injury

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