Considered one of England’s maximum a hit Check captains, and now an esteemed commentator …

Considered one of England’s maximum a hit Check captains, and now an esteemed commentator 🎙️ Glad birthday, Nasser Hussain! What’s your favorite piece of observation from the birthday boy?


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44 Replies to “Considered one of England’s maximum a hit Check captains, and now an esteemed commentator …”

  1. M Asad Ayyub says:

    One minute down , next minute up …
    This is Pakistan 💕

  2. Riyaz Parray says:

    All birthdays are cancelled due to Covid-19

  3. Rohit Dahal says:

    english commentry are better because of the mike hesson, michael atharton and nasser hussains´ voice❤️

  4. Gokul Natarajan says:

    In 2011 cwc final jayawardene hit a four and reach 100 runs at the time he said ” mahela jayawardene high class innings from a high class player”

  5. মামুনূর রশীদ সৌরভ says:

    at first glance, I thought he probably tested positive with covid19😅..fortunately not…. by the way, happy birthday legend

  6. M AK Kunwar says:

    HBD Nasser. An excellent commentator, a gritty captain who wore the cap with pride.

  7. Zain Langah says:

    “Give our young bowlers the best chance to get a bit of grass on the wicket and get into their batting early”

  8. Zubair Islam Uddin says:

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 cricket at its best one minute down next minute up … happy birthday naseer hussain

  9. Jawad Ahmed says:

    “Cut away cut away for four what an inning what a player ben stokes take a bow! Ashes 2019 is truely live because of one crikter and that cricketer is benjamin stokes” best lines by nasser

  10. Mohsin Hakeem says:

    “Pakistan cricket at it’s best
    One minute down,next minute up”…
    Oh these words and the aura he created that moment vil remain indelible in our psyche..
    Arguably the best Cricket commentator in the world right now…A very very happy birthday to Him..

  11. Md Al Amin says:

    My favourite the duration of last ODI world cup he delivered a master piece speech during the match of England vs south african when ben stocks took a splendid catch.

  12. Jamsheed Maqbool says:

    One of England’s most successful Test captains, and now an esteemed Commentator tests positive for Covid 19. My expectations.
    It turned out something really unusual..

  13. Ishara Akalanka Gunamuthu says:

    A memorable speech 2011 wc final..
    “He goes of side, save your legs. A highclass inining from a highclass batsman. Mahela jayawardene. ”
    A great commentator Happy birth day Mr Nasser hussain

  14. Shah Fahad says:

    One minute minute up…Pakistan on 🔥 unforgettable arguments…

  15. Hasham Shakir Bhutta says:

    One minute down,Next minute up,,,,
    Pakistan at it’s best❤❤❤

  16. Debanjan Khasnobis says:

    Happy birthday Nasser stay safe from ongoing virus challenges in UK

    Nasser’s 1997 Ashes ton was the best

  17. Mubassir Rahman Titu says:

    “The Bangla Tigers have knocked The England Lions out of the world cup”-in 2015 ICC cricket world cup that’s still whispering into my eyar…
    One of my favorite commentor

  18. Abdul Basit says:

    I think ICC also wants us to say and remind”In thr air…………Gone….NOT THAT important he is gone the next ball….PAK CKT AT ITS BEST.

  19. Ibr A Heem says:

    Ashes is well and truly alive because of one cricketer, and that cricketer is “benjamin stokes” 🎶🎤

  20. Prabhat Prasannan says:

    My favourite…. I am sure he doesn’t remember but was great to say hello to him in person during the 2019 world cup EngAus game at Lords.

    Happy Birthday Nasser Hussain

  21. Sheeraz Mithani says:

    One minute down and next minute up.
    Happy birthday sir.
    You also critisized indian team while comentating when they were delebrately loosing against England

  22. Haji Kumail says:

    My favourite from wc19 SA vs eng…… No No way, you can not do that ben stokes,that is remarkable that is one of the greatest catch of all time…

  23. Omkar Padwal says:

    The favorite piece of commentery is

    Ben Stokes taking a spectacular one handed catch…in #CWC_19

    Ani hussain sir saying”oh no you cannot do that ben stokes”

  24. Ihsan Danish Chitrali says:

    Pakistan cricket at its best, one minute down up the next minute,, ICC champions trophy final when Virat was dropped by azhar at slip when amir was bowling then the very next delivery shadab took a brilliant catch to dismiss Virat

  25. Duleepa Katipearachchi says:

    “High class innings from a high class player” when Mahela reached his century in 2011 final

  26. Ishfaq Mehmood says:

    U can’t keep wahab out of the game.when wahab took brilliant catch against England in cwc2019

  27. Тнє Мкв says:

    CT17 Final.
    Virat on strike.
    Amir on bowl.
    “In the air GONE!!! Not that important he’s gone the next bowl!! Brilliant from Amir!
    “Pakistan Cricket At It’s Best” one man is down next man is up!

  28. Qasim Cheema says:

    “Pakistan cricket at its best
    One min down
    Next min up”
    These lines was fantastic ❤❤❤
    I heard these lines more than 1000 times.
    HBD 🎂🎂🎂 legend

  29. Ghulam Nabi says:

    Wonderful Cricketer and bold Captain he was…..when he had been made a Captain England was surviving and at the end he left strong England team later on led by Strauss……stay blessed Sir….

  30. Haleem Ullah Shah says:

    “Up in the air, third man in play. I think he’s caught it, He has caught it You can’t keep Wahab Riaz out of the game”

  31. Naqi Xhah says:

    What an inning what a player. Take a bow Ben Stokes. The ashes will truely alive because of one cricketer and that cricketer is Benjamin Stokes…. Love from Pakistan

  32. Muhammad Noman says:

    In the air not that important , One mint down , next mint up , Pakistan cricket at it best. Brilliant frm Muhammad Amir.

    I Always remember this best voice of commentry.
    Happay Birthday Nasir Hussain.
    Love and respect frm Pakistan.

  33. Omar Sultan says:

    I remember his England under 19 tour to Pakistan and he was playing at Iqbal Stadium Faislabad. Dad took me to watch the match and after the match we met him. I was just 9 and still remembers his smile and the gesture he gave. Happy birthday

  34. Asim Rajpoot says:

    Ooo “Ben stoaks you can not do that…surely Not”…

    “In the air and Gone…pakistan cricket at its best,One minut down next minut Up…😚

  35. Jeff Kogler says:

    I thought Nasser and his fellow commentators did a fabulous job in the recent Women’s T 20 World Cup. As a cricket watcher for most of my 67 years I totally appreciate being informed of things I do not know from experienced people. Happy birthday Nasser.

  36. Sheikh Muhammad Hassan says:

    “Everything was perfect apart from that, then you look up and u see it’s Kohli”

    “in the air GONE!!!,not that important,he is gone the next ball,brilliant from AMIR brilliant from PAK,,Pakistan cricket at its best,one minute down next minute up”😌😌♥️♥️.

  37. Čhèâtér says:

    “PAKISTAN cricket is on his best look At This Pakistani Team One Minute Down Next Minute Up..”
    CT Final 2017 Vs India
    Happy Birthday Nasir Hussain…

  38. Faisal Inam says:


  39. Malik Anees says:

    ICC T20 World Cup 2009 Pakistan Against Sri Lanka in the Final..big man big game boom boom is boom boom happy birthday😅😅❤🇵🇰
    Note..I don’t know who said that 👍😉but i like it❤

  40. Asela Laksisi De Silva says:

    High class innings from a high class player
    – 2011 WC Final when MJ scored his century.

  41. Asanka Arambagoda says:

    A highclass inning from a highclass player.

    On mahela’s century in 2011 CWC final

  42. Muhammad Rizwan says:

    “Everything was perfect apart from this, then you look up and u see it’s Kohli”

    “In the air, gone. Not that important. Pakistan Cricket at it’s best. One minute down, next min up”

  43. Jahid Hasan says:

    Such a great person
    And great gentleman is well

  44. Nihal Kundi says:

    I cant see him in action in the field but he is such a nice commentator. Pak vs sl final lords 2009 when shahid afridi was on the crease and he goes for maximum the ball was high in the air and he said a twice boom boom boom boom that was awsome. Long live nasir hussain

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