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33 Replies to “Who’s the only cricketer you want you had watched reside?”

  1. None…Time waster…..but Dan Brad I wish to c

  2. Shammas Khan says:

    It seems like bradman is holding a baseball bat

  3. Viplav Deshpande says:

    None. I watched the Super God Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. That’s it.

    Don’t care about no Bradman no Hobbs and no Colonial propped up Mannequins

  4. Mir Zayed says:

    Abdul Qadir, the spin wizzard of Pakistan. I heard from my father that he was the best spinner of all time and he was absolutely unplayable!

  5. Sanjeev Singh says:

    Captain Russel from Lagaan

  6. AKhil Bawangade says:

    Michael bevan for sure..

  7. Kaushal Kumar says:

    Sir don Bradman,clive Lloyd, sir Vivian Richards

  8. Geith Ranadeera says:

    Viv Richards. Wish i saw him when I was a little bit older.

  9. Ulaga Kumar says:

    Shewag and ms dhoni two legends

  10. Shahzaib Hussain says:

    Ricky Ponting Kevin Pieterson Ab devillers andree Russel And Brain Lara

  11. Anthony James says:

    Bradman, Sobers or Sydney Barnes.

  12. Raghav Singh says:

    No one becoz I am from the Dhoni’s era… And I don’t want him to retire ever ICC – International Cricket Council

  13. Dave Wood says:

    Harold Larwood, especially in the bodyline series😎

  14. Raghuveer Patrachari says:

    I guess the West Indies team from 75 to 83. Heard so much. The openers and Viv and Clive and the bowling! Oh the bowling!

  15. Adam Jones says:

    At first I thought Victor Trumper. But I’m going to say Gilbert Jessop or Jack Hobbs.

  16. Athar Ali Maan says:

    Viv Richards , because he was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of his time

  17. Danish Ali says:

    Viv Richards, IF there was a second choice then Javed Miandad.

  18. Muhammad Ismail says:

    Sir don Bradman, sir geri Somers and vir Richards and imran khan at its peak…

  19. JB Mohapatra says:

    Viv Richards and Don Bradman from the past era whom never watched bat live … Can also watch Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag, Hayden, Lara, Gilchrist, ABD bat any day.

  20. Aimal Khan says:

    Sir Don Bradman and Sir Viv Richard

  21. Raj Madridian says:

    Brian Lara… He never played at the Gardens.

  22. Mohammed Firdous says:

    No body because no cricketer came outside in a critical time of covid 19 except the tollywood star and Bollywood akki

  23. Talal Ashar Zubairi says:

    Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Viv Richards, Don Bradman there are just so many

  24. Advait Apshankar says:

    The entire West Indies team of the 70’s ❤️

  25. Lorin Tannock says:

    The great Brian Charles against England or Australia too.

  26. Matthew O'Neill says:

    Bradman there’s so little footage all the other players mentioned have 100s of YouTube clips

  27. Baaz Singh says:

    Also when Asif bowl to sachin, Sehwag, dravid. That was nice test.

  28. Jagdish Singh says:

    I hv seen Tandulkar , Poting, Brain , Dravid , Hyden , Inzi, Shane ,Murli & many more, they’re simply living legends , but I wish could see to play Sir Don Bradman , Sunil Gwasker,

  29. Arbaz Khan says:

    A man with a test batting average of 99.94 donald bradman whose average would have been exactly 100 if he didn’t score zero in his last match and the second one is of course a man of principles imran khan.

  30. Shoaib Akhtar at WACA Perth against Sachin clicking high 150kph on the button with new cherry 🍒. Surely he’d bowl him out few times and few black eye as well 🏏

  31. Wasif ChoWdhury says:

    #Malinga i just want to touch his hair 😂😂

  32. Sidd Peshin says:

    “Liton Das” The Best Ever … can get

  33. Filter Maxwell Mathe says:

    “The fire in babilon team” the great west Indian team 1980s

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