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  1. MD Ripon Islam says:

    perfect picture

  2. කොපි පේස්ට් says:

    Anyone need corona virus ?
    Pls inbox

  3. Huzaifa Qaisar says:

    Both are living legends.. respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  4. Muneer Mustafi says:

    Yuvraj will be the match winner today! ❤

  5. Sonunikee Singh says:

    2 big Capitan

  6. Raween Lahiru De Silva says:

    Most emotional and happiest cricketing movment in my life💛 We becoming the champions with beating mighty india in the final😊

  7. Ramesh Chouhan says:

    Super duper looking MS Dhoni and Lasith Malinga

  8. Rahul Kumar Gupta says:

    Both are legend

  9. Manish Mishra says:

    why always india??

  10. Sonu Tiwari says:

    #Indian & #Srilankans are #Brothers. #Lots of #Love.

  11. Saad Ahmed says:

    Both are Champions 💜

  12. Md Alamin says:

    I also live witch the match

  13. Ramesh Mudiraj Choppari says:

    Both legends in one frame

  14. সাইফুল ইসলাম says:

    You beauty Yorker machine

  15. Imran Ahmed says:

    Both are 2 living legends.

  16. Shivam Gaur says:

    2 legend in one frame.. 😍

  17. Dimuthu Madushanka says:

    Living legends….😍

  18. Ayyâz Khâñ says:

    Malinga did it for Srilanka.. as an Indian we were happy for them 👍

  19. Ishan Sasika Sandeepa says:

    Some experts said if Kohli scores more than 40 India will win 88% of those matches 😌 Kohli scored 77 😁 Rest is history 🤣

  20. Abid Shakeel Laghari says:

    Now Babar Azam is hero in the world…so please update cover photo with Babar Azam picture…

  21. Nisal Suriyaarachchi says:

    what happened to the live video?

  22. Ashen Tharuka says:

    Perera hits 6 and finishes match

  23. Syed Muhammad Ahmed says:

    best captain holding the trophy..
    the other one is dhoni

  24. Tarlochan Singh Roopasingh says:


  25. Malan Dissanayake Rulz says:

    It was our… 🇱🇰

  26. Nitin R Jadhav says:

    MSD Sir The #BOSS … 💗💗💗

  27. What is this it should b the champions of champion trophy

  28. Vivek Raj Chauhan says:

    Two legends in a frame…

  29. Tamal Dutta says:

    Dhoni donated massive 1 Lakh for Corona Fund. Great.

  30. Aniket Mhatre says:

    Quarantine day 8..

    There are 124 Bathroom in my Tiles…
    – U Akmal

  31. Abhiram Raju says:

    Beautiful cover photo! Keep this for long time!! ICC – International Cricket Council

  32. Silva Stefen says:

    Useless sri lankan team ,becoz Man of the match yuwraj

  33. Zerak Atiqullah says:

    We are have to just watch previous moments of cricket cause of Covid 19

  34. Syed Ibrahim Shah says:

    Both are living legends.. respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  35. Gaurav Soni says:

    That was the time when I started watching Cricket…..Love you Mahi…..

  36. Sajith Sandaruwan says:

    Quarantine day 7
    Had conversations with a spider today. Seems good. He is a web designer. 🕸️🕷️. 😜

  37. Suliaman Waqar says:

    Sir you can upload the world cup 2015 semifinal SouthAfrica vs newzealand full match relive please

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