In 104 Checks they performed in combination, this dynamic duo picked up 1,001 wickets at a…

In 104 Checks they performed in combination, this dynamic duo picked up 1,001 wickets at a blended reasonable of 23.17! 🇦🇺 received 71 of the ones fits and misplaced simply 16 🎆 How extremely do you price this pair?


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40 Replies to “In 104 Checks they performed in combination, this dynamic duo picked up 1,001 wickets at a…”

  1. Ramesh Chouhan says:

    Great bowler in world crickets history both were expert in thir department and super duper looking Sir ji

  2. Vinod R Murjani says:

    Both are legends

  3. Tauqir Abbas says:

    Wasim & waqar
    McGrath & warne
    walsh & Ambros

  4. Osman Osmans says:

    A dominant era of Aussie cricket… two masters of their craft…

  5. Chetan Pangam says:

    Golden days of cricket to watch them play

  6. AsfandiyarKhan Yousafzai says:

    Shane warne and Glen McGrath

  7. Vikash Kumar says:

    One of the best ever!

  8. Jamil Shah says:

    Best ever leg spinner who played the game and 2nd best fast bowler just behind wasim akram

  9. Rajpoot Sachin says:

    Both of them are my favorites

  10. Harbhej Singh says:

    Glen McGrath was a very good for the opposition’s Top order and warnie used to wipe out the tails most of the time .

  11. Sagar Neupane says:

    Two legends in a single frame ❣️❣️❣️

  12. Anwarul Hoq Shohag says:

    Best pair in cricket history

  13. Amit Rana says:

    The spin king & the metronome ❤️

  14. Michael Lwamafa says:

    Best bowling parteneship ever arguably

  15. Ramen Banerjee says:

    From my experience I have seen most of the cricket lovers rate Wasim Akram above Waqur Yunis in both versions of cricket, I.e TEST CRICKET AND ODI. But being a meticulous cricket statistics follower, I must say that in ODI cricket, AKRAM is ahead of Waqur, but as far as TEST CRICKET concerned, WAQUR YUNIS surpassed AKRAM in terms BOWLING STRIKE rate which matters most

  16. ابو سعدی و ھادی says:

    Wasim waqar
    Mcgrath warn
    Sanga mahela
    Sachin dravid
    Broad anderson
    Ambross wash
    Pollack natini
    Cricket lovers never forget these couple

  17. Pravesh Poudel says:

    World best combination ever.

  18. Armaan Ali says:

    Greatest spin + fast bowling duo.

  19. Nabanil Ghosh says:

    Gillespie McGrath warne.. Best bowling trio of cricket history……

  20. Md Taosif Yasar Roudro says:

    Does those guys want any recognition??? Legends don’t need it….maybe my rating will be… 1000 out out of 100… (Yeah, it is 1000.. They deserve it..)

  21. Ntshuxeko Kubayi says:

    It’s like James Anderson and Stuart Broad

  22. Abhishek Bohara says:

    Warne n Mcgrath are all time greatest spin master n speedmaster . legends

  23. Hasin Irtiza says:

    The greatest bowling partnership ever🤔!

  24. Sumit Avdichya says:

    Both r my favorite n in my all time favorite team squad.

  25. Ks Adhikari says:

    Great combination spin and pace

  26. Ziaur Rahman says:

    10/10 best pacer and best spinner of their time certainly

  27. Phill Cole says:

    i rate these 2 right up their some of the great west indian bowlers of the 70s and 80s

  28. Jam Mushtaq Jhulan says:

    Great bowlers in world cricket history,both were expert in their department

  29. Irfan Qureshi says:

    Can someone quote Wasim & Waqar stats when they played together?

  30. Prayash Gurung says:

    The greatest pair, i grew up watching this duo bowling

  31. Latif Ullah Alikhel says:

    Until they were in the team it was a nightmare for opposition to win from aussies.they r true legends of the gentle game

  32. Panthadeep Bhattacharjee says:

    Two of the all time greats, no arguments👌👌

  33. Rashed Khan says:

    2 Ws (wasim &Waqar)of Pakistan warne& McGrath , Ganguly & Sachin , sangakara & jaywardena , 😥
    Cricket will never forget such legends . 😔

  34. Ajith LaVanya says:

    Great Bowlers … True Legends … Champions.

  35. Chakresh Kishor says:

    After retirement of the duo, world best captain, forgot the captaincy.

  36. Nadia Nur says:

    The greatest bowling partner ship ever 😘😘

  37. Farhaan Singh says:

    There was just no time to breathe for the batsmen!

  38. Sabbir Munabbir says:

    They are less effective than Khaled Mahmud Sujon & Taposh Baisya

  39. Tyler Copeman says:

    A combined tally of 1001 wickets at 23 speaks for itself really they are one of the greatest duo’s to ever play the game!!

  40. Samraat Maharjan says:

    One of the greatest pairs for sure. They walk in the team of most people’s greatest test XI off all time.

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