Previous as of late we requested you to bet who we would reduce out from this picture. The solution…

Previous as of late we requested you to bet who we would reduce out from this picture. The solution is in fact Brian Lara, who on at the moment in 1999 shocked Australia with an unbeaten 153* to lead West Indies to a memorable one-wicket victory in Barbados! 👏


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45 Replies to “Previous as of late we requested you to bet who we would reduce out from this picture. The solution…”

  1. Pulak Hasan says:

    I was right ha ha, happy to see because it proved my love to this great batsman

  2. Tahir Majeed says:

    Anyway I guessed it right.

  3. Batting Raj says:

    boss of WI💪💪

  4. Mohammad Amin says:

    I know Brian Lara

  5. Ashraf Hassan says:

    I was say this is lara`s photo

  6. Md Golam Rabbany says:

    I could guess that correctly.

  7. Ali Hasan says:

    I was right ☺️

  8. Muaz Razu says:

    Maximum people know it

  9. Md Mursalin Ahmed says:

    Me the first person 🤘

  10. Roni Chakma says:

    The only one I have answered correctly

  11. Sreenath Durai Swamy says:

    Iam also tell brain lara

  12. Mujeeb Mahesar says:

    But in this photo he is in SA

  13. Asim Khan says:

    Why you change the side

  14. Aamir Afridi says:

    💪👌💪Yes where is my prize ?

  15. Waqar Ali says:

    I guessed it right, yoowww😝😎

  16. Najeeb Ullah Ahmadzai says:

    missing cricket 😢😢😢

  17. Faruque Hasan Nayon says:

    #Prince8 👑

  18. Muruli Darling says:

    But the this snap is taken while he his playing vs S.A. in S.A.

  19. Asan Peer says:

    You showing picture is not correct direction or right so many pepole confused

  20. Shahid Hussain Shk says:

    The no 1 batsman ever in history of cricket ever.

  21. Shabahat Habib says:

    Yes he is legend!

  22. Somenath Paul says:

    I was right. Because, that style is unique.

  23. Singh Sahab says:

    Where are the legends who were saying this is a Right handed batsman?!? 🤔

  24. Aftab Malīk says:

    one day or test match???

  25. Junaid Ahsan says:

    Yes I was right – that high back lift of bat.

  26. Muhammad Kashif says:

    One of the most exquisite players I have seen in my life.

  27. Salman Eamin says:

    Miss you cricket. I am not happy without you.

  28. Sidharth Kapila says:

    That innings of 153 was probably one of the finest he has played….

  29. Bhupendra Sangwan says:

    Lara the king.Love from India.

  30. Sam Chaudhary says:

    I mean KL Rahul is my favourite player in the world, I love watching him.” The 50-year-old Lara also went on to talk about Rahul’s technique and what he adores the most. “His technique and grace is just unbelievable.

  31. Kazi Suborna says:

    Only Brian Lara could do this and Shachin can watch this. One of the all time best innings.

  32. Mpendulo Mtshali says:

    That match was against South Africa, not Australia.

  33. Sanjay Gupta says:

    The best test batsman post Gavaskar era.

  34. Mohammad Hannan says:

    Unnecessary post everyday
    Around the world people are dying
    But you are happy here

  35. Sanjay Gupta says:

    No comparision with any player of post 1989. No one is close to him.

  36. Imran Ali says:

    Cricket is Alone without legend Brian Lara ____ He is real Champion love and respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ✌️🔥😘❤️

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