2015 was once an implausible yr for Bangladesh, which started with the ICC Males’s Crick…

2015 was once an implausible yr for Bangladesh, which started with the ICC Males’s Cricket Global Cup. The Tigers surprised England for the second one time in as many editions, clinching a memorable 15-run victory in Adelaide.


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36 Replies to “2015 was once an implausible yr for Bangladesh, which started with the ICC Males’s Crick…”

  1. Tariq Aziz says:

    Why you didn’t show 1992 final few days ago. ICC

  2. Sohel Rana says:

    Quarantine fact. Still people loving to enjoy this game. More than 16k people enjoying again this game

  3. M Hossain Chowdhury says:

    single girls knock me.

  4. Iftakhar Ahmed Chowdhury says:

    Alex corona ki out?

  5. Raufullah Rifat says:

    Wave to Mashrafe

  6. Hayat Khan says:

    50 years ago😝🙈

  7. Tahsan Tahsan says:

    Lol era highlight

  8. Abu Tahir says:

    Next over black man rubel

  9. Jehan Mubarak says:

    That wasn’t out

  10. Muhammad Abid says:

    Watching from mars

  11. Israt Sejuti says:

    Rubel Hossain is watching with you.

  12. Muhammad Abid says:

    East or west rubel is best

  13. Ahmed Hasnain says:

    I was there in the gallery that day.

  14. Abir Hasan says:

    That’s old match not live

  15. Jawad Ahmad says:

    i m from pakistan ..i love banbgladish

  16. Abdullah Jubayer Redwan says:

    we almost lost here, and still won, goosebumps!

  17. মিজানুর রহমান মিজান says:

    Over er 3rd delivery te James bowled out hbe

  18. Ahmed Al-Numan says:

    It was the best match i have seen in my life

  19. Arian Khan says:

    Is there anyone here from ISD

  20. Montaz Ali Bulbul says:

    Hope Corona virus isn’t also watching with us.

  21. Israt Sejuti says:

    Imrul bro, when you broke the wicket with direct through last time?

  22. ನಮೋ ಚಲುವರಾಜು ಆರ್ಸಿಎಸ್ says:

    Very poor decision by 3rd umpaire

  23. Chinta Mani Bk says:

    what is the condition of corona guys in your country

  24. Tushar Qazi Yamin Kabir says:

    Fielders should stand far apart from each other, social distancing is necessary

  25. Hasibur Rahman says:

    Shakib al hasan watching now this game

  26. Pushkal Aggarwal says:

    What about india vs srilanka world cup final match @icc

  27. Ejaz Mojeeb Ajju says:

    This is 2015 world cup match u no at this time no any sports will continue over the world

  28. Ilias Kanchan says:

    Thanks ICC. Can we have live of 1996 to 2007 world cup matches?

  29. Khan Tanjil SaMrat says:

    Rubel & Mahmudllah riad was absolutely outstanding in this match,,,,

  30. Topu Arif says:

    Thanks ICC for Chosen Historical Match our Country 🇧🇩

  31. Rajesh Sinha says:

    INDIAN CRICKET TEAM more better than urz 😎

  32. Md Sumon Sheikh says:

    Hi everyone watching from Rome Italy 🇮🇹 pray for us pLz

  33. Arif Faryal says:

    Story of this game was
    ICC CWC 2015
    33rd Match
    BAN won by 15 runs
    BAN 275-7 (OV 50)
    ENG 260 (OV 48.3)

  34. Syed Mehrab Zahid Ahmed says:

    This one game was the captaincy masterpiece of Mashrafe!

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