Tim Paine able to toughen Steve Smith’s captaincy go back

“If Steve Smith makes a decision that is the manner he needs to move then I might absolutely toughen him in looking to once more.”

Tim Paine able to toughen Steve Smith’s captaincy go back

As Steve Smith's two-year management ban ends, present Australia Check skipper Tim Paine stated that he would toughen the more youthful guy's go back to captaincy.


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30 Replies to “Tim Paine able to toughen Steve Smith’s captaincy go back”

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  2. Asir Intesir says:

    Oll the beat Steve Smith

  3. Tasnia Farin says:

    Any handsome and hot boy here..? 🤩😘💋😍🥴

  4. Shoaib Malick says:

    First support to keep people in quarantine. The need of the hour.
    Jaan hai toh jahaan hai

  5. Natasa Islam Muna says:

    Good news. 😍

  6. Sunil Danga says:

    Owowoww I salute Tim Paine for his respectness towards his senior – Steven Smith…..Supporting Aussies from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  7. Pandey Sudip says:

    Congratulations legend sir smith ❤️

  8. Yasar Arafath says:

    Tim Paine is best option

  9. Armaan Ali says:

    Steve should be reinstated… Maybe after the next Aus summer.

  10. Faruque Hasan Nayon says:

    Captain Smith 😍✌

  11. Sanjobaba M Hussain says:

    I thing public support is very difficult

  12. Usama Butt says:

    The most humblest cricketer of Australia♥️
    Tim painee♥️

  13. Tauseef Khan says:

    They should give a go to tim paine because what he did for them after that sandpaper incident

  14. Sandeep Dharel says:

    Then will miss his epic banter🤣

  15. Jamil Khan says:

    ICC – International Cricket Council dear admin we all are waiting of re live match between Bang vs Eng.

  16. Sambhav Koirala says:

    i feel tim paine still should be the captain…he is quite good as a captain

  17. Anil Khodanapur says:

    Tim Paine has lift the team in a tough situations…

  18. Ngqabutho Eric Moyo says:

    if Paine steps down as a captain there is no way he can be in that team he batting average is very low

  19. Aaliya Kakar says:

    Best Wishes #Fom #Pakistan 🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰

  20. Maria Bhattarai says:

    Bravo👏..! Hope this time I won’t be disappointed by ur activities 👊

  21. Yash Joshi says:

    Tim Paine should remain captain . After what happened in 2018 Smith and Warner should be kept away from leadership. Finch is doing well in limited overs format as a captain .

  22. Ravi Katua says:

    My favourite player is Steve smith.. But Tim pine best captain

  23. Armaan Ali says:

    Best way to help would be his retirement…. I think both made their debuts in the same test.

  24. Sayma Mou says:

    #Stay Home#
    #Stay Safe#
    Thank You❤❤

  25. Ahsan Saleem says:

    When Australian Cricket team was in Pain , Paine was the man who rescued them , he should stay as captain .

  26. Ajith LaVanya says:

    “Although we hail from different lands,
    we share ONE EARTH and SKY and SUN.
    Remember FRIENDS, The WORLD is ONE.”
    This is a CRICKET PAGE, a page for TRUE CRICKET LOVERS … if you not interested in CRICKET, Please Don’t share any comments in this page.
    LOVE, RESPECT and BEST WISHES to all of you …

  27. Sumaiya Islam says:

    #Stay Home#
    #Stay Safe#
    And Enjoy The Game.❤❤

  28. Glenda Freame says:

    Tim Paine stays as captain. He has been so good for the team.

  29. Jayesh Sawant says:

    Replacing Tim Paine with Steve Smith is an insult to Tim Paine’s effort till now, although I don’t think so he’s a great captain or batsman, lost home test series to India, could have easily won the Ashes , but his stupidity let to draw, As an batsman he doesn’t deserve to be a part of playing 11, but he’s an excellent keeper

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