Was once it out or now not out?

OUT or NOT OUT 🤔 What’s your choice?


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26 Replies to “Was once it out or now not out?”

  1. Pradeep Pradhan says:

    Not out.. The bell has to dismiss

  2. Shawon Hasnat says:

    Direct hit is always close. So, may be she is Out.

  3. Sanjay Mishra says:

    she dragged bat so looks not out.

  4. Prince Khan says:

    Not sure we have to call the third umpire

  5. Hafiz Aiyub Hassan says:

    Where are third umpire???

  6. Mahesh Subedi says:

    Not out
    I have recorded it in slow motion

  7. Konok Das says:

    Where is 3rd umpire??

  8. Joynal Abedin says:

    Not out.. It’s a no ball

  9. S R Karthik says:

    Out.. Pause at 4th second exactly

  10. Naeem Shah says:

    Sir the bales are not broken…. its not out

  11. Roshan FC says:

    No tv umpire but it’s not out

  12. M Irfan Sahoo says:

    If bails not fell then not out

  13. Sherin Gul says:

    Aleem Dar still your original decision Out yes out

  14. Deep Sarkar says:

    Our decision is not matter
    3rd umpire decision matters

  15. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    On the line is bat when the ball hit the wickets

  16. Amila Kasun Withanage says:

    Seems out to me. Bat was on air

  17. Keethopayan Visvalingam says:

    Not out because ICC your staff was drunk 😵

  18. Nil Akash says:

    100% sure That’s Out

  19. Mostafizur Rahman says:

    101%Confident not out

  20. Vaibhav Avhad says:

    How many times do we have to see, to know the decision??

  21. Zach Wolpoff says:

    Out! Lights come on before the bat crosses the crease

  22. Sirazul Islam says:

    How many days we have to wait for cricket icc?We are feeling boaring

  23. عمیر شاہد قریشی says:

    Its out . Cause bat is 6 inch away from the line..😁😁

  24. Ashraful Islam Shakil says:

    icc should take responsibility to conduct match impartially

  25. Mohit Jain says:

    Bat is inside the line but its in the air so the ans is same as this page has thought…😅ICC – International Cricket Council

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