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26 Replies to “61 Exams 3,982 runs 12 loads He’s considered one of India’s maximum prolific Check opene…”

  1. Md. Zahran Al-Jahid says:

    Happy birthday.
    Love from 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  2. BM Ohidul Islam says:

    Happy birthday

  3. Ashik Arifeen says:

    Happy birthday to you

  4. Aasif Ul Hasan Romel says:

    Dinesh Karthik says, Hi🤪

  5. Akshay Murabatte says:

    Happy Birthday to you Murali Vijay

  6. Hm Rayhan says:

    Happy birthday to you

  7. Raju Banerjee says:

    Happy birthday ghara thako

  8. Cricketar Swapan says:

    Happy birthday

  9. Mahesh Rajwade says:

    Hppy birthday bhai

  10. Mudike Anil says:

    Happy birthday murali Vijay

  11. बिराजदार रोहित says:

    Happy birthday M Vijay

  12. Abhishek Jain says:

    Happy b’day Monk!

  13. Rasel Hossain says:

    Happy birthday

  14. Ashwani Agamya says:

    Happy birthday to you

  15. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Prolific only in Asian conditions

  16. Sachin Siwatch says:

    More thn 60 test and >4000 😂

  17. Sayed Masoud Sayedi Àfğháñ says:

    In a t20 Afghanistan vs India match he called afghan cricket players “ISI” 😡

  18. Mohamed Fasy Muhammed says:

    Time to retirement 🥳

  19. Maahi Irfan says:

    The man who betrayed his friend..
    Dalla Biwi chore

  20. Mujeeb Mahesar says:

    Not a good record. B grade player

  21. Rupesh Nepal says:

    Best away test opener of india😍

  22. Sanjib Touri says:

    murali who???? there is only one murali and it is Muralitharan.

  23. Vicky Kedare says:

    Happy Birthday 🎂

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