After taking place to India within the inaugural version of the match in 2007, Pa…

After taking place to India within the inaugural version of the match in 2007, Pakistan went one step additional, beating Sri Lanka in 2009 to carry the T20 International Cup aloft. Sign up for us to re-watch the thrilling fit in complete from Lord’s, the House of Cricket!


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40 Replies to “After taking place to India within the inaugural version of the match in 2007, Pa…”

  1. Zain Arbaz says:

    I am with Srilanka
    Srilanka win

  2. Take Corona 😷🙈

  3. Bilal Ahmad says:

    insha’Allah Pakistan will win the world cup

  4. Abubakar Khawaja says:

    We would love to watch champions trophy final

  5. Naqeeb Ullah says:

    Historical day for Pakistan Cricket

  6. Kumail Haider says:

    Big Man Big Game ,it’s a leg byes who cares ❤❤❤

  7. Faizan Ashfaq says:

    1 hit wins the game

  8. Bhat Shafique says:

    I miss you my Lala Afridi and sangakarA

  9. Pablo Rezaei says:

    i was not born at this time 😂😂

  10. CA Sharad Sharma says:

    Lala score wud ne 0

  11. Syed Sohail says:

    At home I watched this game

  12. Kaushik Basak says:

    This is live match ???

  13. Zahir Al Mansori says:

    My age here 9;years 😭😭

  14. Amir Jan As says:

    Pubge come to gem ok pubge room

  15. This time pakistan team is very good

  16. Kamran Warsi says:

    MB…enjoy world cup 2009 t20

  17. Muhammad Kashif says:

    Out last bowl

  18. Mhmd Zajee says:

    corona 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jawad Ahmad Khan says:

    What a six!!!
    Kami bhai❤

  20. Abin Baby says:

    2007 T20 world cup

  21. Touseef Ahmed says:

    lala next to finish the match

  22. AnEes King says:

    Waiting for Champion trophy final 😂

  23. Tofael Ahmed Shohel says:

    Would you plz telecast Champion tropy final 2017.

  24. Muhammad Faisal Hussain says:

    ICC CT 17 final plz

  25. Tauhid Jahan Sagor says:

    i also remember that night.

  26. Badal Raj Prince says:

    i was 11years old that time

  27. Rizwan Hussain says:

    I saw at my hostel

  28. धनराज राजबंशी says:

    38 ran

  29. Waseem Mohammàd says:

    We want ct17 final

  30. Ismail Mushtaq says:

    Back in the days

  31. Anish Abey says:

    Just joined who got out

  32. Mark Fleming says:

    Playing in this climate

  33. Shabbir Khan says:

    I watched it live on my TV in my home 09

  34. Shayan Shan says:

    Hhh 2 runs 2 wicket

  35. 2009 icc world cup T20

  36. Monirul Sojib says:

    Dilshan Out First Over

  37. Inayat Shah says:

    I like Nasar Husain commentary..

  38. Muhammad Shahzad says:

    Shahid afridi hitting the winning runs ..big man who remember this

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