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28 Replies to “Are you able to spot Virat Kohli on this sea of KL Rahuls?”

  1. Syed Saqib Hussain says:

    Fifth number from the right in the third Row from the bottom

  2. Sadiq Hamim says:

    3rd row from bottom and 5th place from right

  3. Aziz Imam says:

    Rahul is just an aggressive version of virat! My favourite Indian player at the moment

  4. Davina Warbah says:

    In the 3rd last line and 9th Row… 😊

  5. Nitin Mittoo says:

    Third from last line 5 from right

  6. Shahriar Rahman says:

    After maintaining home quarantine, the brain of ICC’s authority is not working properly.

  7. Waleed Khan says:

    I was setting a voice recognition password for my new phone and a dog nearby barked and ran away. Now I’m still looking for that dog to unlock my phone.

  8. Md Ali Akkas says:

    Last 3 rd line 8th number

  9. Rahul Agarwal says:

    Last 3 rd line 8 th number

  10. Vineet Tiwari says:

    Right hand side se 5th in the last third row

  11. Swarup Pal says:

    9th rank No 8th from left.

  12. Arron Stone says:

    Third last row fifth from the right

  13. Harris Tipu says:

    3rd last row from bottom 5th from the left hand side

  14. Md Ariful Arif says:

    9 line right side to 8 No. Virat 100% sure…

  15. Sreenjoy Ganguly says:

    Last 3rd line on 8 number

  16. Lu V Shrivastava says:

    3rd Row from below & from right hand side 5th one

  17. Shumas Memon says:

    3rd last row, 5th last in number.

  18. Katrina Bates says:

    No. way too trippy for me. Virat and KL look too similar for this anyway.

  19. Preeti Prti says:

    In Last third row 8 th no. Pic

  20. Mohit Sharma says:

    Last 3 rd line 8th number

  21. Md. Razun Mia says:

    Third row from the bottom and fifth column from right.

  22. Ahsanul Hoq Milon says:

    In last third row number in five from the right

  23. 3td but last
    5th from right 😁

  24. Sariful Islam Sajib says:

    9th line from the top and 6 rows from the left.

  25. Joy Mondal says:

    3rd last row, 5 th column from right..

  26. Subaharan S.C says:

    Why struggle he should be at home just call and see.

  27. S.H. Nandadasa says:

    At this moment we do not need to spot anybody please ICC do something to eradicate this deadly Virus now.

  28. Raj Bhatia says:

    From bottom to third line and from right to left it’s the 5th one is King Kohli

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