Nissan Play of the Match | ICC Girls’s T20 International Cup 2020

🔹 Athapaththu’s massive hit 🔹 Shafali Verma’s blank strike 🔹 Healy’s 🔥 innings 🔹 Wolvaardt’s 🤯 catch Which do you assume will have to be the Nissan Play of the Match?


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33 Replies to “Nissan Play of the Match | ICC Girls’s T20 International Cup 2020”

  1. Dipankar Saikia says:

    Shafali verma clean strike

  2. Khan Sahib says:

    Nida Dar Fastest Hundred in T 20

  3. SK Sabuj Khan says:

    Healy,s innings

  4. Ankita Bhattacharjee says:


  5. Ali Musa Naqvi says:

    Wolvaardt catch

  6. Shafali varma classical hi

  7. Women commentator name ?

  8. Mohammed Omar Faruk says:


  9. Clement T Mfekayi says:

    Wolvaardt’s blindly catch🔥🐺

  10. Ru Jayaratne says:

    Athapaththus hit ofcourse

  11. Hassan Arshed says:

    Healy all the way

  12. Riddhiman Dey says:

    Shaifali clean strike

  13. Poorna D Jayasinghe says:

    Chamari athapaththu is best💪
    Strong women ❤️

  14. Fahir Zaman says:

    C.Athapaththu all the way.

  15. Sajjad Hossain says:

    Healy innings

  16. Nhlanhla Lucky Ncube says:

    That was a great catch

  17. Asanka Injula Wijesinghe says:

    Power hitting by Chamari atapattu.

  18. Golam Muktadir Bhuyan says:

    Healys innings.

  19. Healy just smoked gap mooter drinkers

  20. Hasin Irtiza says:

    Healy’s innings

  21. Dilip Sinha says:

    Shafali’s clean strike

  22. Mularam Bhakar Jaat Osian says:


  23. Usama Iftikhar says:

    Healy’s innings

  24. Hasan Raza Qazi says:

    healy is best

  25. Rokib Bin Shohid Nur says:

    Healy’s innings

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