A very powerful message from Nasser Hussain, Ian Bishop and Ian Smith

📢 A very powerful message from the 2019 ICC Cricket Global Cup statement staff 👇


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38 Replies to “A very powerful message from Nasser Hussain, Ian Bishop and Ian Smith”

  1. اسد باجوہ says:

    Ian smith ❤️

  2. Abdul Jabbar Jan says:

    EnjOy hOme cricket ✌️
    Stay at Home 😊
    Corona season 👎

  3. D J Ishfaq Khan says:

    My favourite all the time these three commentators

  4. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    Sorry,I disagree.

  5. Sumaiya Islam says:

    East to west India always best..
    love from🇧🇩

  6. Zannatul Ferdous Ruhi says:

    #StaySafe 🙏

  7. শাকিল পাপপা says:

    Ian smith😍😍😘

  8. Faishal Ahmed says:

    In smit and in bisho

  9. Anil Kumar Mohanty says:

    I want to join ICC

  10. Parvaiz Karim says:

    Please stay home safe

  11. Md Abdur Rahim says:

    May Allah save us

  12. Ruhul Amin Raahi says:

    Nice 👌 message 👍

  13. Sandun Lakshitha says:

    Love it not for india 😂😂😂

  14. Maruf Mujtahid says:

    You all’re my favourite commentators …Take a bow, Menot..

  15. Satheesh Kumar Nsk says:

    After long time to hear iansmith voice he live with cricket

  16. Imran Hanjra says:

    All three are legends 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  17. Md Omar Faruk says:

    Good Commentary for 🏏 cricket

  18. Abdul Qudar Pintu says:

    thanks icc

  19. Shomir Sutrodhar says:

    My favorite commentators are together.

  20. Fokhrul Islam Noyon says:

    3 Favourite Commentators❤❤❤

  21. Vatsal Kaushik says:

    I was interested until he said follow WHO rules..

  22. Such a fantastic message to indai covid 19 cricket team 😅😅😅😅

  23. Akshat Shukla says:

    Wash sanitizer with your hands
    -Umar Bhai Akmal

  24. M Sharif Ihsas says:

    An important message from Ian bishop ian Smith and Nasser Hussein

  25. Mohammad Adil Hosen says:

    ICC become mad due to KORONA 😂😂

  26. Mehul Ajmeriya says:

    Ian Bishop, mebangwa, great comentator.

  27. Md Jahid Hasan says:

    That was an incredible all moment.❤

  28. Wali Prince says:

    That was not won For England It’s won for ICC

  29. Raja Umar Farooq says:

    Thank you so much! Dear ICC💚💚💚

  30. শেখ মুসতাইন says:

    Fvrt commentators Ian bishop❤

  31. Mahmud Hasan says:

    ICC i mean India Cricket Council..
    It’s not fair…

  32. MD Ariful Islam says:

    Icc thx a lot
    But sometimes i think icc mean

  33. Junaid Rana says:

    East to west Pakistan Beautiful country ALways Best.

  34. Sabina Sultana Shima says:

    Dainy Jones logey aro soyors acchhey mani banglish hinglish 10 lombor danger sonkket be servant by surrender yourselves stat nailey lobon bujhosh without salt khamu…..

  35. Mera Bharat Mahan says:

    Mean while in India #covid-786

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