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50 Replies to ““Dhoni finishes off in taste. A powerful strike into the group! India elevate th…”

  1. Abu Talha says:

    Yui is best Dhoni RSS man

  2. Krishna Khatiwora says:

    Memories that will never fade a night to be remembered forever

  3. سناء قریشی says:

    I only like MS dhoni in indian team . Beacuase he is a cool man. And always Played for his country.

  4. Syed Nain Shah says:

    No doubt best captain in the history of Indian cricket legend respect from pak

  5. Dilan Gihantha says:

    In 2011 india win and in 2014 Sl destroyed india

  6. Kusal Senanayake says:

    The most emotional day for us..after a master class knock from Mahela, we were in the good stage of a game💓 Also with the early dismissal of Shewag..We had more chance to win the game..However drop catch from Kulasekara was took the game away from us..Anyway we cant blame him because his contribution was very important to qualifi the final of the worldcup..Also the injuri of our best finisher mathews was a big loss for us in the final..Anyway Indians won the game after about 3 yrs we got the revenge from them😜..
    So asians were dominating at the that era, Srilanka & india are the best teams in the world ..anyway Our neighbors won the game and congratulations for them.. proud to be a Srilankan and also an asian🔥
    Love from 🇱🇰

  7. Chamath Vidumina Silva says:

    Yeee. I am right ..That is IICC – Indian International Cricket Council 😂

  8. Ujjval Parekh says:

    Credit goes to team india..Not only MSD..Gautam nd virat partnership was crucial..My Man of the match would be Gautam who build Indian inning..Gautam Gambhir

  9. Boom Boom Shahid says:

    Played in home ground it was not difficult to win after 2011 the result is infront of world

  10. David Mallela says:

    It’s 9 years and 2 world cups later. Dhoni fans still has that sole incident to talk Abt. Sadly.

  11. Milinda Sandaruwan Ariyarathne says:

    Sl players had forced to loss the match at the end. India won the cup and sl government won $$$

  12. Sibuni Sibu says:

    That night was always memorable for every Indian

  13. Ishtiaque Mahbub Tawsif says:

    It will takes another 28 years to win the world cup for india

  14. Robin Sen Gupta says:

    What a decision to promote himself…MSD that is.

  15. The tournament was remembered for yuvi’s fantastic innings against Australia in knockout match

  16. Sandun Nimsara says:

    This match play in ” india vs #mahinda_rajapaksha “

  17. Basit Khan Joiya says:

    I,m from pak but i still remember that very six. It reminds me of the movie ” MS Dhoni”❤

  18. Sudarshan Jyoti Bhuyan says:

    Yeah, after that the people came out to the streets to celebrate. Even the superstars. Yes, this is the culture of
    Indian Cricket.

  19. Khem Raj Thakur says:

    It was a collective efforts of 11 players not of an individual.

  20. Anas Siddiqui says:

    What a Captain India had at that time
    One of the best captain of all time
    Respect from Pakistan 👍

  21. Daham Peiris says:

    There have been 2 world cups since this and still you shout about 2011 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I agree that india had their strongest team in 2011 but ok you won it and now the world cup winners are england… 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. Shish Mohammed KoKo says:

    At that tym.. I was in class 10.. And going to tell my kids about that fantastic world Cup Finale.. 😊

  23. Jay Pareek says:

    ICC , you should also mention #GautamGambhir. The unsung hero of 2007 and 2011 world up.

  24. Baba Ishfaq says:

    Finisher finishes the world cup with his own short( helicopter short). The skipper the cool captain had made a record. He is the only captain who win the all trophies of the ICC…..

  25. Sandeep Sarraf says:

    “Dhoniiiiii…finishes off in style…a magnificent strike into the crowd…India lift the World Cup once again after 28 years…the parties start in the dressing room…and it’s an Indian Captain who has been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final.”

  26. Deepak Pal says:

    Yuvraj singh and Gautam gambhir are the real heroes for world cup win of 2007 and 2011.. one should give credit to them not merely to Dhoni..

  27. Muhammad Moinuddin Satiar says:

    Though I don’t support India though I have to say that on that match India played really well,what a comeback…..when Sachin falls I really thought India is going to lost…..but masterclass innings from Gautam and Dhoni led India to become champion….

  28. Aksh Solanki says:

    Winning six of dhoni was mind of the best captain of all a memorable day for me as an indian.2011 world cup great won team india.

    Respected from india 🇮🇳

  29. Syed Liaqat Bukhari says:

    M.S. Dhoni was the one and only player in Indian side who got my respect everytime.I have never ever seen a captain like him in the history of cricket always be happy M.S.D much love and respect from Pak

  30. Nandu Nanduzz says:

    “Dhoni finishes off in style..A magnificient strike into the crowd…India lift the World Cup after 28 years!!. The party start in the dressing room..And it is the Indian captain who has been absolutely magnificient in the night of the final!!!”…That goosebump voice by Ravi Shastri🔥🔥🔥

  31. Ájíñ Ŕj says:

    Not only man of the match 😍 He was also a Man of the Nation ❤ Yeah i know cricket is a 11 players game bt This man carry the Dream of 1.2 b people and more over this man also carry the 22 years Dream of Master Blaster on his shoulder 🔥 Best ever Captains Knock in Cricket History 😇

  32. Dinusha Vinod says:

    India won this match as a result which was dealing of Indian & Sri Lankan governments,otherwise we would have a chance to wining this,

  33. Afreed Appu says:

    In WC2011, an Indian bowler gave up the lowest economy runs. He was India’s silent killer. So no one praised him. He was affectionately called “Logan Bhai” by his teammates.can you find that person, then reply his name with BOLD LETTER😍🤩😘❤️

  34. অর্নব পাল says:

    Okk.’Dhoni finishes off in style’ that is okk.But icc you forgot the name Goutam Gambhir,who created the base for this victory.He deserves respect.

  35. Jam Mushtaq Jhulan says:

    It was a brilliant inning by a great player and captain, India deserve that win and Dhoni deserve this trophy, great tribute to master batsman Sachin for his great contribution for Indian cricket

  36. PS Mahesh says:

    & the party starts in the dressing room, an Indian captain who’s been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final. Wah !! April-2 — What a memorable day for me as an Indian. I hope, it’s a day to remember for all my indian brothers & sisters so.
    #LetsEnjoy #StayHome #StaySafe

  37. Rohan Jeevan says:

    Would have been much better had Dhoni given his MoM award to Gambhir! GG would’ve felt better all his life and MSD would’ve been respected more than what he already does! Just an opinion!

  38. Ashish Yadav says:

    ICC you forget the contribution of #GautamGambhir who created the base for this victory. He also deserve’s every bit of respect.

  39. Abdullah Kawser says:

    In that time I was in Class 11 & watched the magnificent last 6 of winning the world cup with the Helicopter shot 💜. Those memories are tough to forget. Dhoni is the captain cool & will be.

  40. Faraz Arshad says:

    This was fantastic match & win for india and innings of DHONi was incredible..❤ winning six of dhoni waa mind blowing 😍 ms dhoni the legend.. Love from pakistan🇵🇰😘

  41. Ahmad Ahmad says:

    BEST CAPTAIN BEST FINISHER finishes in style
    I dont watched that match live bcoz i was a kid but now i have watched it many times

  42. Ankita Bhattacharjee says:

    Old memories 2011😍
    Nine years ago, Team India was world champion today😍

    April 2nd in the pages of history❤
    #Kumar_sangakkara sangakkara is also respected and love

  43. Musa Al Raiyan says:

    This is the scene of “purno dorgho prem ar Kahani 2” film .here sakib Khan and his Co-actor celebrating the winning moment. In this film
    Joya ahsan shouted “Marooooo…. …”.🙂

  44. Rishu Sharma says:

    #ThisDayThatYear – In 2011, ” MS Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lift the World Cup after 28 years. The party starts in the dressing room and it’s the Indian Captain who has been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final” – in Ravi Shastri’s immortal voice❤️

  45. Shubham Ahire says:

    ❤️❤️Dhoni finishes off in style! A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lift the World Cup after 28 years!” Player-turned-commentator-turned-headcoach Ravi Shastri has left an indelible print onto the minds of Indian cricket fans with his finishing touches during the 2011 World Cup final when MS Dhoni hit the winning❤️❤️

  46. Rafey Shaban says:

    Legend!!!, wish if Pakistan would have a skipper like him, who leads his team with such zeal n commitment, the way MS dhoni did for his team….

  47. In 2011, every indian and @sachin_rt’s 22 year wait ended when India beat Sri lanka and won the 2011 World Cup in Mumbai after 1983.
    Some memorable Pics & Quotes of that Golden Day still give Goosebumps to every indian.

  48. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Dhoni the #captaincool
    very good crickter and man as well
    in his captaincy India won
    #Worldcup 2011
    #T20 World cup 2007
    #champion trophy 2013
    #Asia cup
    His work for making Indian team is awesome
    Hatsoff to u
    Love from #Pakistan

  49. Aish Wa Ria says:

    In 2011 The Same Day, ” MSD Finishes Off In His style… A Magnificent Six In The Air.. And Our India lifted The CWC2011 Trophy After 28 Years… 🏆 🇮🇳😍🎊🏏 No One Can Forget That.. 💖💕 And Indian Team Parade Carrying Sachin On Their Shoulders 😍😍 Sucha Emotional Day For Everyone.. 💯💯

  50. Vikash Jha says:

    The only one who have abilities to finish the game and he done it greatly in 2011 world cup final MS Dhoni. And the non striker is The man Who hit Six Sixes in over and made historical record Yuvraj.
    #GautamGambhir who created the base for this victory. He also deserve’s every bit of respect.

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