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31 Replies to “Mistaken solutions most effective”

  1. বাপ্পি সিংহ says:

    I think they are of Netherlands Big players . Thank you ICC love from Netherland.😜

  2. Riyas Mashoor says:

    Murali..a miracle win ever against australia mathews celebrating !

  3. Robayed Hossen Rifat says:

    They are your fathers.And that’s why you better know who they are.If you don’t know then ask your will find your answer

  4. Francis Sfc says:

    2011 world cup semi was fantastic 😁

  5. Sandip Singh says:

    Mahi and Yuvi, the moment of the decade for us, Indians.

  6. Anish Kumar Karn says:

    Sixer king yuvi and world’s best finisher Mahendra Singh dhoni

  7. Hunain Khanzada says:

    Two champs, mahi and yuvi paa ji, both are my most favrt after virat, captain cool mahi, nd the fighter yuvi. Love them

  8. Aritra Deb says:

    ‘Ponting hits a magnificent century! And Gilly has gone wild’?

  9. Farooq Pervaiz says:

    Hit by M Hafeez and winning moment of Abdul Razzaq against south africa

  10. Mohamed Azarudeen says:

    This photo was taken from April 2nd 10:00 PM

  11. Gagan Singh says:

    RCB IPL winning moments🤣🤣

  12. Hsyiz Sarker says:

    As i can remember…it was me… after finished my first triple century

  13. Md Shaidul Bahar says:

    Riki pointing & Shakib Al hasan..

    According to the caption 😜😜

  14. ShaYaan Malik says:

    How this pic is Out its me in my dream last night i was playing with sir viv 🤓🤓🤓

  15. Avinash Kumar says:

    Nobody is reading the caption 😂

  16. Khairul Hasan Mona says:

    Mushfique is striker end and Mahmudullah is celebrating other end.

  17. Rishi Lamichhane says:

    Parash khadka hit for six againts bumrah other end sandeep lamichhane icc world cup 2023 india in motera stadium

  18. Sabiq Hasan P P says:

    dear ICC, many are not aware of “wrong answers only”..😂😂…, esp those from southern parts of asia

  19. Paramesh Dhar says:

    “Dhoni finishes off into the style. A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lift the world cup after 28 years.”

  20. Pasidu Devinda says:

    Thisara perera hitting the winning run and kumar sangakkara celebrating at the other end (T20 wc 2014 ind vs sl) 😂😂

  21. Rabbi Naik says:

    Australia cricket team woman

  22. This kind of bubbly game is not desirable by you in this danger time.

  23. Chamila Gunawardane says:

    MS Dhoni and Yuvaraj after defeating Srilanka by Diplomatic influence in 2011 World Cup final

  24. Manish Sharma says:

    The moment of decade.. ..
    Bret Lee and McGrath were celebrating their five wickets in test cricket 😀

  25. Shafayat Fahim says:

    Sir Don Bradman celebrating win against Australia 🤪🥴

  26. Constant Rahim Sikder says:

    Dhoni and yuvi,,,,, Against Sri Lanka world cup 2011

  27. Arnab Kumar Das says:

    Liton on strike was not out, hence Mushi bhai is celebrating things in style! 🤣

  28. I think Dhoni and yuvi icc2011 quarter final against Australia

  29. Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema says:

    These are women but don’t know which team

  30. Bayejid Hasan says:

    Mushi and Mahmudullah Celebrating the win they got against India in WT20 2016 by hitting the 4th ball for a huge six!!

  31. N Hasan Rizvi says:

    It was 2nd April in 2011…..and those two are …. Me and my best friend, ….We visited a trip to the Moon on that day… After Nil-Armstrong and Edwin Alldruin …..We two were the 2nd Human beings. . …Who maid it … ..And the rest is History. ….Now the photo is Reval

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