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38 Replies to “Are you able to inform who we now have hidden right here?”

  1. विशाल कुमार राय says:

    Left is Angelo Mathews and right is Chris Gayle

  2. Nahid Islam says:

    i found an eye specialist who’s calling me…like… come to my chamber!!

  3. Hamza Shaka says:

    Steve smith and ramiz raja i am sure

  4. Jabar Raza says:

    1 is gayle and other 1 is australian player may be starc

  5. Md Hafizur Rahman says:

    2 Chris Gayle but cant understand the number 1

  6. Hridoyan Ahmad Tareq says:

    1st one Angelo Mathews
    2nd one Chris gayle..


  7. Talha Malik says:

    By a distance of 2,3 feet u can see easily 1st one Mathews and 2nd is Gayle.

  8. Umesh Khasare says:

    1st is australian player and 2nd is Criss gale

  9. Hamad Amjad says:

    Chris gayle and an australian player but cant identify

  10. Rouf Ahmed Sohan says:

    Its is clear meaning that ICC is sheltering BCCI

  11. Aryan Dixit says:

    2nd one gale for sure but 1st one seems to be an Australian

  12. AB Rahman says:

    1st one is Dinesh Chandimal – SL and 2nd one is Chris Galyle – WI, am i right?

  13. Salauddin SK says:

    Mitchell Starc from Australia and Chris Gayle from West Indies

  14. Ahmed Chaudary says:

    2nd one is 100% gayle but 1st looks like someone of sa

  15. Abhay Agrahari says:

    I think Chris Gayle in left side and an australian player right side

  16. Abhinav Yadav says:

    I think there is nothing except some blue parallel lines

  17. Nobody is hidden in here.. Everyone is at home in lock down

  18. Saurav Raj Parashar says:

    Not sure but most probably the first one is an Australian player and the second one is definitely Chris Gayle👍🏻

  19. Kashif Ahmed says:

    i found a pandemic virus #CORONA 🧐🧐🧐

  20. Tahmîd Akash says:

    Angelo Mathews and Christ Gayle.

  21. S Owais Shah says:

    Christopher Henry Gayle.. And The Other one is a Sri Lankan not sure whom

  22. Shahidul Islam Raj says:

    This is what happens when you are locked in home for plenty of days…

  23. Noor Rehman Khan says:

    ICC – International Cricket Council Please dont play games help the world with some ventilators ‘ Masks and aware people of this pandamic so the world can play cricket again.

  24. Md Nurul Islam says:

    1st one Australian player..2nd one Gayle

  25. Wasim Ahmad says:

    Fst A19 chris gayle and 2nd 50 20 and ipl bbl cpl pcl bcl spl my hero chris gayle 😚

  26. Oliur Rahman says:

    Keep your mobile 5m distance then you can easily recognise both player 😂

  27. Anuja Fernando says:

    The Srilankan All rounder Angelo Mathews 🇱🇰 and the Universal Boss Christopher Henry Gayle.🇯🇲

  28. Vishal Malhotra says:

    1st is Dinesh Chandimal – SL 2nd is Chris Galyle – WI

  29. Syed Salman Ahmed Hashmi says:

    right one is Chris Gale and left one seems to be Angelo Mathews…not sure.

    P.S. lower the brightness of your phone to see the picture s

  30. Md Mehdi Hassan Shakir says:

    30 second try. Got clearance about Chris Gayle and a Australian Jersey. Another 30 second and got Mitchell Johnson. Then another 30 second try Johnson turned into Glenn Maxwell and after final try its Angelo Mathews.

    Result: Angelo Mathews and Chris Gayle

  31. Pappu Kumar says:

    Corona is not spreading in India but is being spread. The latest example of this is from Nizamuddin

  32. Majedul Islam says:

    Shake your mobile while identify during shaking ,,, 100% works

  33. Iqbal Mahmud says:

    2nd one is Gayle that’s for sure but first one is tough to guess.but he is from Sri Lanka.i Guess it’s Malthews.

  34. Aniket Mhatre says:

    Its Pakistan players who are hiding face after shameful loss

  35. Steve Steinberg says:

    Cool. On the phone, you can see guys’ faces. On my laptop monitor, it just looks like the wallpaper at my dentist’s office.

  36. Raihan Al Azad says:

    99.99% sure about that.

    First one is Angelo Mathews from Srilanka and
    Second one is Christopher Henry Gayle from West Indies.

  37. Karthik Kohli Gowda says:

    Angelo Mathews and Chris Gayle..
    If anyone finding it difficult, just keep your phone screen for about 1.5 feet away from your eyes.. you can see it.
    Or tilt the phone screen to your left.

  38. Afaq Jamal says:

    One is Srilankan Allrounder Angelo Mathews and the other one is mighty Universe Boss Christopher Henry Gayle…

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