CWC19 ultimate: The entire drama of the end, blow by way of blow

Feelings have been prime, even within the observation field, for an exhilarating end to the Cricket International Cup 2019. Relive the drama!


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26 Replies to “CWC19 ultimate: The entire drama of the end, blow by way of blow”

  1. Michael Bradford says:

    Still hurts… we didn’t lose but England won… disbelief

  2. Totally cheat
    New Zealand should be the winner

  3. Muhammad Hassan says:

    Gold from ian smith. The best commentary stint of 21st century

  4. Wali Wesal says:

    That commentary from Smithy is the best bit I’ve ever heard.

  5. Shankar Ghedia says:

    Rules need to be changed regarding ball hitting the bat whilst running and going for a boundary!

  6. Kesari Naren says:

    Should have played another super over to decide the winner….

  7. Mohammad Umair Khan says:

    Seriously, there were millions of fans who were from neither side ,but they were fully involved in this final till a very last moment .

  8. Babar Malik says:

    What a great game this was…The Kiwis didnt deserve to lose this one… feel really bad for them… but an awesome advert for the game of Cricket…

  9. Mushtaq Ahmad says:

    England played brilliantly throughout the world cup, they deserve to be the champions…

  10. Navin Mamgain says:

    Have never seen a game like this and will never see one again.. phenomenon! Absolute ecstasy..

  11. Saqib Mehmood says:

    It was the best final that I ever seen..
    But decision on most boundary was not the fair
    One more super over was must b played.

  12. Shahin Khan says:

    It was the best match in the Cricket history & final.

  13. Amßrēeñ Ahmēd says:

    Most emotional match in the history of cricket. that dramatic situation oh my god thrill all the way.

  14. Andrew Jelic says:

    Smithy is a legend commentator. Fiercely proud Kiwi, calls fair, and gives praise to all when deserved….never a dull call..loved around the World….

  15. Fazal Ejaz Shah says:

    When Inzamam ul haq blocked the ball unintentionally, he was given run out and in this match they have even awarded 4 extra runs to Stokes for doing similar thing !!

  16. Syed Hammad Khalid Banuri says:

    3 best of the lot commentating a match that hasn’t happened before and couldn’t happen again. Let the conspiracy and controversy set behind, the Gentle men game has produced his best final ever ❤️💓

  17. Gurdip Singh Virdi says:

    cricket at its bloody best.. absolutely mayhem.. only mistake i see boult takin that catch easy..fielder of his caliber ; it was cup

  18. Shams Khan says:

    Smithy Best Commentator of the World Cup 2019
    Especially He was very good on last couple of matches full of enthusiastic. Only disappointment was his beloved team end up loosing this epic finale

  19. Noshi Saba says:

    Absolutely amazing, well done England what a game, what a final

  20. Gregory Pollydore says:

    I still believe it should hv been joined winners ,still feel for the blackcaps .🏏

  21. Superover rules of max boundaries was a really disappointing , few rules ICC need to rewamp which restrict it become global game spining around in few countries right now

  22. Waheed Sajidi says:

    one off the cheated win for England in history of cricket world, declaring England as a winner, they should played one more superover. for fair result

  23. Yasir Butt says:

    You will have to wait 100s of years to see this again live, it was a greatest ever cricket match finish, England Champion!!!

  24. Aditya Choudhary says:

    Man…Brandon McCullum’s face at the end said it all!

  25. Abdi Khawreen says:

    Fake championship, it was not the fair decision, the match is still tied.

  26. Ahmad Hellal Jake says:

    We expect much more similar videos from ICC. Where we can enjoy commentators reactions to the situation which brings excitement.

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