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31 Replies to “Describe your favourite cricketer for others to wager, with out bringing up their n…”

  1. KhalifaShaikh Muhammad Abdulhadi Ghazal says:

    Cricket is not crickt with out him the one amd only and biggest entertainer or ckt

  2. Zakir Hossain says:

    A player who has played by one hand for his country due to fracture on the other hand #28

  3. Muhammad Kashif says:

    Ranked among top 5 in all three formats.

  4. Arshad Ali says:

    ICC is really enjoying their Quarantine..

  5. Misbah Ullah Khattak says:

    A man behind his sublime cover drive. He is still young and his batting is like poetry, always keeps calm and cool. Averaging 50+ in shorter formats and 43+ in test. He will be the future rockstar

  6. Angshuman Barman YT says:

    He has win all Icc trophies for India and has a record of 0.9 second stumping. Now guess. I know you can, it’s really easy 🙂

  7. Talha Khalid says:

    Only captain in the 143 years of test cricket to declare the innings when his individual score was in 90’s

  8. Muhammad Awais Bhutto says:

    He is very well personalty in the world of cricket he has so many records so many memories and everyone calls him Mr 360 of cricket

  9. কৃষ্ণচুড়ার রঙ says:

    Frist player who got Century in his farewell match against india.

  10. Jyoti Sharma says:

    He is currently No 1 in ODI and scored most runs in a decade. He has 50 plus average in all forms of the game and he leads his team from the front. If I start writing his achievements then it will took whole day however I will not able to write his achievements.

  11. Khalid Ktk says:

    The best ever crickter produced by pakistan in the history of cricket the men who lead the team like a tiger his very famous in ladies the legend of cricket and polotics
    do u know this iconical personality

  12. Muhammad Farooq Umer says:

    The most stylish Left Arm fast bowler. High jump bowling action. One of the Hero of the 2011 World Cup final.

  13. A. H. M Nayeem says:

    One of the greatest cricketers of all time. Averages 39 with the bat, 33 with the ball in test cricket. Only current cricketer to score a hundred & take 10 wickets in a test match. Only cricketer to score 600+ runs and 10+ wickets in a single World Cup edition. Who is he?

  14. Tanish Pahwa says:

    His other name is king and have 60 average in odi’s 50above in test &t20s ..
    And another is master blaster hightest run getter in 2003 worldcup & bestest straight drive hitter😁😅

  15. Imran Ali says:

    My Favorite One And Only Left Hand Batsman 166/119/108 Against England He Is Legend A Great Commentator Voice Of Mcg Voice Of Cricket Legendary I Like Every Cricket Fan Love The Voice Of This Legend Commentator

  16. Subham Kundu says:

    90% of the cricketing world prays for this guy to fail but that doesn’t phase this guy’s confidence. The best batsman in the world.

  17. Rakibul Hassan says:

    Bad mouth, sledge master, highly impolite toward opponents in the field, aggressive, and going to break all previous batting records! 😒😒😒

  18. Ifte Sham Aryan says:

    He play some sublime traditional shots; He arrived in style against Ind, Danced down the wicket blowed Zaheer khan out of the park 😀

  19. Debuted as a medium pace bowler and became a fast bowler, was good enough batsman at the end off his career good as any at that time,introduced reverse swing, taught reverse swing to young players who became legend themselves, captain of a young team won the world cup, made a cancer hospital which treats people for free through donations and now there are 3 4 of those hospitals running, built a State of the art university, politician, prime Minister.

  20. Pappu Roy says:

    He is famous for duck.he is called duck baba.he always want to play big short without considerig the game situation. Can you guess the name?????

  21. Muhammad Waleed says:

    Guess the bowler!!!
    “In the air gone! Not that important! He’s gone the next ball. Brilliant from ____. Pakistan cricket at its best — one minute down, next minute up!”

  22. Sayan Kabiraj Orton says:

    He is right hand batsman ,,he usually plays no 3 for his country and sometimes play in opening position for his ipl team he is captain in both sides

  23. Rafee Islam Prince says:

    A man who born in a small country & make that country proud & he is the biggest superstar of that country
    Hint:he is only all rounder to rank number 1 in all format

  24. Zaki Khan says:

    One of the famous world superstar cricketer he was the king of sixes he’s strike rate was amazing and he is retired from international cricket

  25. The Only Who is King in Three Formats No one Can better Finisher Then Him Always Love For Playing Cricket

  26. Priyank Ahamed Badhon says:

    The only wicket keeper batsman in world who has 3 double hundred in test
    He is master of slog sweep

  27. Fahad Iqbal says:

    Most number of fours on first ball of his innings very fearless almost no feet movement in technique wise still took the greatest the bowlers for gours and sixes hard hitting in great bowlers backyards resulting centuries and fifties, heee issss ???

  28. Asanka Jayawickrama says:

    One of the all time best with classic cover drive n gentleman in the middle as well as the very best to pace n spin. nice to c legendary 🇱🇰 left hander…back in the center

  29. Arick Ahsan says:

    One of The best all-rounder in the world.He is the only player to be the number 1 in all three formats

  30. Waqar Afridi says:

    Missed on a place in the 2011 World Cup. Had a horrible 2012 Then a Legendary and Visionary Captain promoted him up the order and the rest is history.

  31. Muhammad Hassan says:

    The best opener Pakistan ever had. He scored highest against India in India in ODI’s.

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