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39 Replies to “That is heart-warming! Babar Azam, what a category act Somerset County Cricket Cl…”

  1. Musa Arsalan says:

    Wonderful gesture by a great sportsman! ❤❤

  2. عادل بھائی says:

    Babar Azam is my favourite player of all time. I have fell in love with him in no time. He is my only love so far. Everytime I watch him bat, it give me so much satisfaction. His shots are poetry and He is the poet. His cover drives give me so much pleasure that I can spend my whole life while watching those cover drives. Everytime he bats well I sleep well. I feel so much lucky and proud that He born in Pakistan and playing cricket for Pakistan. He is the best thing happened to Pakistan in history. We are lucky enough to be born in an era Babar Azam.

  3. Shailesh Mohite says:

    Hayman JB I tried to explain but you didn’t understand I think. It’s all about nature. Kohli is aggressive he can’t change it.

  4. Fazal Hadi Fazli says:

    I am from afghanistan but i love with the pakistan intelligent batsman babar azam i proud him he is the best batsman.

  5. Johny Johny says:

    😍😍😍😍😍😍0% attitude
    Love you. Bro

  6. Sultan Mahmud says:

    Only the batsman whom I wait to watch his batting in this world.

  7. Bilal Khan says:

    Superb lines by the small child OSCAR and what A reply by BABAR AZAM proud of U BABAR JANI

  8. Mazhar Jan says:

    Our pride our star one&only babar the tiger azam ❤

  9. Henna Ogle says:

    In these times this is such a nice story

  10. Jahanzaib Khan says:

    Most Decent & Humble Human being with Polite & cherish response to fans on field even

  11. Ajay Kumar says:

    Third quailty player

  12. Tauseef Khan says:

    This is incredible he is so down to earth thats what makes him the king of our hearts

  13. Hammad Imtiaz Satti says:

    Current best player in all formats ❤

  14. Prince MD H says:

    at least he has a manner, which Doesn’t have the so called number 1 batsman

  15. Faysal Ahmed Al Hossain says:

    He is also my favourite one.
    Classic Batsman❤

  16. Sayandip Som says:

    Babar Azam – one of the greatest batsmen of modern era…

  17. Ateeq Khadim says:

    Stylish batsman.
    Love from🇵🇰🇵🇰

  18. Mohammad Akbar Umrani says:

    A young talent of Pakistan with a class in his batting….

  19. Aashis Pokhrel says:

    He is the gem of pakistan national team 😍😍

  20. Malik Faheem Bali says:

    The classic player is babar azam I recommend it one of the best player in the world

  21. Utkarsh Dubey says:

    Being a fan of his cover drives👏👏, I personally feel that he will take Pakistan Cricket to the next level if he continues with the same pace as he has been doing.

  22. Respect and love for Babar Azam . One of the finest player Pakistan has produced.

  23. His humbleness is really admirable he is one of the finest batsman among all

  24. Arman Khan says:

    The sweet guy in this era and the most humble cricketer after kane Williamson.. Babar e azam.
    Respect from Afghanistan 🇦🇫❤🇵🇰

  25. Såhïl Ümër says:

    Icc Applauding Him … Becoz He richly deserves

  26. Hafiz Mehar Ahmad Raza says:

    The classic batsman with Warm heart😍love you baber😍

  27. Abdul Aziz says:

    East or west Babar is the Best

  28. I say what, Williamson and Babar deserve to get sport spirit of the year award. But I know, infect everybody in the world knows that ICC is paid for giving everything to Lejhund Loli

  29. Alaouldin Keerio says:

    Good player and also good man open heart for always like simple man 💪 keep it up Babar

  30. Sheikh Khalid Khalid says:

    Love frm Malaysia ❤❤❤ STAY HOME STAY SAFE SAVE LIVES !!!

  31. Sahibzada Farman says:

    We hope you will be number in icc all format cricket .bcz you have ability to do this job.well done our hero .👍👍

  32. Mukhtiar Hussain says:

    Both great players have nic names given by their respectful skippers and both are wkt keeprs.
    BOBY by S.A

  33. Hayman JB says:

    Babar the great Azam and King Kohli both are kind act in the field or out of the field but Babar Azam has some edge on King due to his polite behave with Fans opposition and with Media

  34. CA Hiten Gupta says:

    I am from india and i love him.

  35. Mohsin Bangash says:

    ICC Applauding him because he richly deserves it .
    The Don Bradman of thz modren era!

  36. Akibul Hasan Shanto says:

    I love very much baber ajam cover drive..from 🇧🇩

  37. Asim Qureshi says:

    Bravo – Inspiring the next generation with humility. Well done Babar.
    The more you grow in your career and gain stature, the more you recognise importance of consideration and giving respect.

  38. Shailesh Mohite says:

    Great batsman. His Cover drives are treat to watch 🇮🇳

  39. Mirza Bilal Baig says:

    In person his attitude is humble and generous.

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