2003 ICC Males’s Cricket International Cup: India v Pakistan Highlights

Saeed Anwar’s century, in his penultimate ODI, anchored Pakistan’s innings as they set India a difficult chase of 274 to win. A antique innings from Tendulkar put India firmly on most sensible alternatively, and when he used to be disregarded Yuvraj picked up the place the Little Grasp left off. A vintage Sachin innings between those sour opponents.


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38 Replies to “2003 ICC Males’s Cricket International Cup: India v Pakistan Highlights”

  1. Abhishek Pandey says:

    2003 world cup was special…best tournament year

  2. Malik Muhammad Saqib says:

    We always lost because of our own mistakes like in this match inzi run out n 2011 drop 6 catches n few mistakes in batting

  3. Daud Talha says:

    Oh my God Saeed Anwar
    What have you remind to me,a person who is already in love with him feels very sad about his departure
    My love for him couldn’t be lessened instead it increases
    May he live long

  4. Seeməb Malikzəəda says:

    There were many matches finals semis and thriller matches to show…. But icc choose this one sided useless group match to show just to see fights 🙄😜

  5. Hossam Qtr says:

    I guess this was the match that put an end to Pakistani dominance over India.The Upper Hand Pakistan had against india in the 1980’s-90’s….This match changed indian cricket and from this very match india became Favorites against Pakistan Till this Day.

  6. Atul Saini says:

    I m in 10 th class

  7. Kishore Kumar says:

    Amazing ball🤣🤣

  8. Bilal Khan says:

    Wow that buller from shoib

  9. Imran Ansari says:

    I was just 12 years old

  10. ಗುರು ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ ಕೆ says:

    2003 World Cup

  11. Vishal Bhosale says:

    I was in 10th std

  12. Venkatesh Raavi says:

    Six fever ever

  13. Manpreet Singh says:

    I was in 9th standard

  14. Saswat Suvam says:

    Why only highlight 😢

  15. Surya Krishna says:

    Watched from TV

  16. Rakesh Thakur says:

    It’s my first match of my life

  17. Ahsan Zarif Husain says:

    Saaed Anwar, Inzamam, Wasim and Waqar are probably the most loved Pakistanis by Indians. Saeed Anwar has a separate fan base

  18. Devendra Dixit says:

    Old memories. Thanks icc 💐

  19. Annamalai Lakshmanan says:

    pitched higher up on the pads. DRS would have ruled – not out for ganguly

  20. Sewak Satouj says:

    When sachin will be out yuvi will come and pak was out then

  21. IrFan Ali Butt says:

    The similarities between 2011 World Cup semi final and this very inning are full of drop catches/Chances.

  22. Rasel Patwary says:

    India before 2000 was an small team and everyday lost to pakistan. In 2002 natwest series changed indian cricket nature.

  23. Hari Narasimhan says:

    Classic century in a high pressure game ….❤️…. However little master replied with a blistering knock ….. Cannot forget this match forever 😍

  24. Rishabh Singh says:

    Great game great team both of them 👌

  25. Fawad Khan says:

    The day when i told to my mom i m very sick pain bla bla bla… and i toke off frm school i was 10 years young palyer haha

  26. Nandeesh T says:

    Shiven is the best future batsmen and he will play for indian team one day 100%

  27. Saf Qureshi says:

    Lee all know icc owned by bcci they will only show India wins how about we get to see champions trophy final 😘

  28. Aman Pandey says:

    This match was watched by 400 million in India live and 60 million in Pakistan live . It broke record of 2002 FIFA world cup final viewership by 7 million live viewers at peak time

  29. Viru Prabu says:

    This uv innings equal to Sachin 98 amazing fight both

  30. Qunber Rizvi says:

    Tandulkar was just 2 short to his century and that was the key to india’s success in this match… History tells us that If he gets to his century india’s succes was too difficult

  31. Mustafa Shareef says:

    This match saw the end of Pakistan’s Cricket Glory of the 80s and 90s that had started from the time of Imran Khan

  32. Seayon D'silva says:

    Tendulkar has good luck against the greens but cant get into triple figures with luck

  33. Ali Abbas says:

    Waqar once again proved his never giving up nature.. champion fast bowler, though throughout the entire tournament he should have shared the new ball.

  34. Harmanpreet Singh says:

    Saeed Anwar’s batting was treat to watch. One of the most elegant batsman from Pakistan. After him many came but Babar Azam is one to watch out for.

  35. Abhishek Pandey says:

    Saeed Anwar what a class…great batsman of his time…and he loved scoring with India ✌️

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