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25 Replies to “You’ll be able to be all shook up while you spot Freddie dressed up as Elvis”

  1. Tharun Agsn says:

    7th row from the right 3rd

  2. Bharath Nayak says:

    9th Column, 7th Row.

  3. Harish Ponnala says:

    Down 7th row 9th place

  4. Shelim Cloud Shelim says:

    7th row 9 number

  5. Rezwan Safi says:

    Yep from below 5th row and from right 3rd person

  6. Muhammad Sani says:

    ICC needs to fire whoever is running this page. And we want to see that live, on this page. 🥴

  7. Arafat Ahammed says:

    7th row 9th column 🤘

  8. Mohammad Jabed says:

    7th row 9th column

  9. Aadesh Gurnani says:

    7th row 9th column

  10. అనీష్ కొప్పాక says:

    3rd from last 5th row

  11. Md Tanvirul Islam says:

    7th row number nine from left hand

  12. Abdulrehman Tanwir says:

    row 7 column 9 from left

  13. Kishlay Sahay says:

    7th row 9th column

  14. Hilary Enobong Effiong says:

    7th row, 9th column

  15. Aftab Ahmed Vistro says:

    ICC have nothing to upload.
    You should upload Corona Virus updates now… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. MD S Ullah says:

    5th from bottom 3rd from right

  17. Rahul Lakshmi Jangid says:

    7th row 3rd last column

  18. Dayanand Tiwari says:

    Bottom to fifth row and third from right side

  19. Down 5th row. 9th place right side

  20. Abhishek Kumra says:

    7th row.. 3rd from the right..

  21. Md Nurun Nabi says:

    7th Row , 9th Column

  22. Dêçëñt Bøy Sìddhãrth says:

    Even icc is getting bored due to quarantine…😂😂😁😁

  23. Jafar Khan Khan says:

    Up to down line number 7 right side second line

  24. Rajdeep Kumar Ghõsh says:

    7th Row , Number 9 😱

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