2015 ICC Males’s Cricket Global Cup semi-final: South Africa v New Zealand Highlights

South Africa posted a aggressive 281/five because of the half-centuries from Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers. New Zealand began smartly, then faltered within the center and the sport went all the way down to the twine. Dale Steyn bowling the overall over, Grant Elliott to the rescue – who may have idea it might finish like this?


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26 Replies to “2015 ICC Males’s Cricket Global Cup semi-final: South Africa v New Zealand Highlights”

  1. Malik Slamat Ullah says:

    Why not full match don’t interested in highlight

  2. Asif Hayat says:

    That start, brendon Mccullum lit the crowd with enormous hitting, all time favorite is Baaz! Thank you icc!!
    In addition to, 2015 CWC soundtrack is undeniably best of all time…

  3. The beauty of this concept was that you were showing whole match sans the ad breaks, so real fans of cricket got to see what goes on in between overs too. This is just highlights, not good enough .

  4. Vasanth Loganathan says:

    Any way they are lost final then why they are win every semis

  5. Ruchith Arambepola says:

    What happened to Corey Anderson? Anyone know?

  6. Nadeem Rajpoot says:

    Is this 2015 wcc?

  7. Kiran Kumar Kommula says:

    I supported to South Africa

  8. Chinmay Velankar says:

    When will you show Aus vs RSA final

  9. Shivam Monga says:

    Another big match another choke from the proteas

  10. Mian Waqas Gull says:

    Any upcoming cricket schedule
    Domestic or international ?

  11. Usman Babar says:

    and here world cup handed over to Australia by chokers

  12. The only occasion where I wanted neither team to loose, fan from Pakistan

  13. Hussain Ahmed says:

    South Africa will be win

  14. ChaNdan Chhetri says:

    Which match is this

  15. Zabih Ullah says:

    What a game of cricket both were favorite teams

  16. Ahmed Yousuf says:

    When we thought we had seen the best match in wc, but the last final was saying “hold my beer”

  17. Smart Boy Sankha says:

    Now play India vs England match from 2011 cwc

  18. Valentino Rodriguez says:

    Behardein’s catch was the turning point of the match, if he managed to grab it somehow, South Africa could have won.

  19. Tejas Saini says:

    In SF-1 of last two wc’s rain ruins play

  20. Why have you started showing highlights of the matches instead of the the entire match?!!

  21. Nikunj Gogia says:

    Idk why but south africa loss was more hurting than loss of india in wc semi final😅

  22. Praneesh Ghimire says:

    one of the most heartbreaking match ever

  23. Ashik R Rahman Ismam says:

    miller’s innings was incredible

  24. Abrar Bhat says:

    Matt henry big match player in 2019 wc against india & in final

  25. 2 catches 2 run out chances of Elliot …which was the key ..most emotional game ever in the cricket history …..heart broken game for South Africa

  26. Swagoto Prosoon Raha says:

    There’s lot of controversy about ICC, but I think ICC doing their best.
    Hail to ICC.

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