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35 Replies to “26,793 Take a look at runs and 720 Take a look at wickets in a single image!”

  1. Sakib Ahmed says:

    Sakib al hasan is the best player

  2. سید عباس says:

    Good luck both players 👍

  3. Jimmy Bhatia says:

    Super heroes 👍

  4. Abu Bakkar Siddique says:

    Still they could not pass Muralidharan 🙄

  5. Hamza SHeikh says:

    Sri lanka is my favorite team♥️after Pakistan 🇵🇰

  6. Veerendra Sehwag says:

    Chris Gayle Andrew Flintoff Shan pollak brain Lara

  7. অশ্লীল পোলা says:

    Sakib al hasan is the best player

  8. Manuj Shrivastava says:


  9. Mark Augustin Naidoo says:


  10. Ben Orme Joey Coughlan they need to do more world XI games! They were great

  11. Kattubadi Venu Gopal says:

    Mutthaiah Muralidharan Single Person
    800 test wkts

  12. Haroon Nadeem Siddiqui Rph says:

    Shaun pollock was a legend for sa

  13. Bilal Ahmad says:

    #Ashoke #Dinda
    #Elton #chigumbra
    #Chris #Gayle.
    #Shan #pollack

  14. Qasim Hussain says:

    Chris Gayle
    Andrew Flintoff
    Shaun Pollock
    Brain Lara

  15. Sanchit Somani says:

    Ntini, Flintoff, pollock,Lara ❤

  16. Shahan Ahmed says:

    Makhaya Ntini, Andrew Flintoff, Shane Pollock & Brian Lara 😘😘

  17. Jordan Baxter says:

    Brian Charles 🐐❤️

  18. Smashers Cricket Club says:

    My Favourites ❤️

  19. Mohsin Mehboob says:

    Please upload a video of corona

  20. Kamal Bhatia says:

    Seriously ?? Sachin alone has scored more than that and Murlidharan has more wickets than the whole bunch.

  21. Tom Giesen says:

    Brian Lara the best batsman I’ve ever seen at a live cricket match

  22. Hussain Mashori says:

    Brian Charles lara. Shuan pollock. Chris gayle. Andrew flint off. …greats……….

  23. Mohsin Mehmood says:

    Makhaya Nitni
    Brian Lara
    Andrew Flintoff
    Shaun Pollock

  24. Muddasir Khan says:

    Plzzz upload a video of Rashid Khan … formamns…🇦🇫

  25. Naveed Bakhsh says:

    Flintoff the Great All rounder ❤️

  26. Waqas Tahir says:

    Combine the Wickets and Runs of Sachin Tendulkar and Muttiah Muralitharan

  27. Salim Sadman says:

    Liton Das is better than Kohli 🤨

  28. Marlon Ganeshan says:

    Here’s a fun fact.
    M. Muralitharan has more test wickets than all 4 of them combined… 😛

  29. Tasnim Jahan Eite says:

    Good luck both players 👍

  30. M.m. Sarkar says:

    Chris Gayle, Andrew Flintoff, Shan Pollak,Brian Lara❤️❤️

  31. Naveed Chohan says:

    All 4 Players test Records
    Sir Brain Lara(All time Best Player)
    131 Matches
    11953 (34 Hundred 88 Fifties)
    Best 400* Runs
    Chris Henry Gayle
    103 Matches
    7215 Runs(15 hundred 33 fifties)
    Best 333 Runs
    Andrew Flintoff
    79 Matches
    3845 Runs (5 hundred 26 fifties)
    Best 167 Runs
    Shaun Pollock
    108 Matches
    3781 Runs(2 hundred 16 fifties)
    Best 111 Runs
    Also Bolwing Record
    Gayle=73 wickets
    Fintoff=226 wickets
    Pollock=421 wickets
    ToTal=720 WicketS
    Ex Clebrities Of Test Cricket and Best Of the Test ERA

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