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  1. Rakesh Gadatya says:

    King of swing in red ball

  2. Umer Hayat says:

    The man who is not less than a revolution in English test cricket. James Jimmy Anderson

  3. Prahlad Maravi says:

    Tim sauthi the best newzealand bowler…

  4. Rohit Dahal says:

    James Anderson..Smooth action 😴

  5. Anish Kandel says:

    WTF people are saying about English conditions, subcontinent ????

    Just name the bowler in the picture.

    (He is the only fast bowler who have played 150 + test matches with around 600 wickets. So, we must respect him.)

  6. Govind Gowda says:

    Underwear mask was actually fantastic 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Adarsh Tripathi says:

    Either of Patrick Cummins (Australia) or James Anderson (England)

  8. Mobaidul Islam says:

    Dayle Stein… One of the best bowlers in SA’s cricket history

  9. Jameen Mohamed says:

    Sten south Africa

  10. Akhil Nandan Sahu says:

    England’s Ashwin who only performs in home condition

  11. Narpat Choudhary says:


  12. Saif Rakib says:

    Khaled Mahmud Sujon ..BD.
    He was the best slow medium bowler in cricket history.

  13. होम जिरेल says:

    As Cricket Expert and Analyst I research this bowling action for more than Fifteen Minute and Concluded he is us Non other than Famous Footballer Neymar Jr.

  14. Sagar Saraiya says:

    England condition bowler

  15. Faisal Khan says:

    Stain – South Africa Bowler

  16. M Rana Sohel says:

    One of the best bowler England has every produced
    -James Anderson

  17. Ankit Singh Jasrotia says:

    Jimmy Anderson… Who can only ball in overcast conditions.

  18. Emad Uddin says:

    I’m sure he is boult! 100%

  19. Prodip Das says:

    He is the English all-rounder Ben Stokes.

  20. Ashok S R Samrat says:

    This is former Australian cricket Player Brett Lee

  21. Sahar Sahib says:

    We should never compare any one with Shoiab akhtar .because other wants learning from him.special our
    INDIAN bowlers .

  22. Salman Asif says:

    It’s James Anderson, one of the best bowlers in test cricket history as my opinion 😍😍

  23. Abdul Yasir Bhatti says:

    He’s English, also have some class of swing! J Anderson

  24. Parag Garse says:

    Jimmy Anderson or Dale Steyn..both have nearly same action sideway

  25. Shubham Jyoti Sahoo says:

    Btw from which portion of his action do you relate🤔his arm action??

  26. Sasanka Ranasinghe says:

    Brett lee most famous cricketer in australia

  27. Raja Muhammad Ali Janjua says:

    Great bowlers are only produced by Pakistan. So no need to say good about james anderson if it is his image.

  28. Abu Rashel Siddiq says:

    It’s mash, I have similar picture of him but this page is not letting me upload

  29. Iflah Z. Zargar says:

    James Anderson, the best English fast bowler of this era 👍

  30. সুব্রত আচার্য্য চৈতন্য says:

    One of the best bowler of alltime.James Anderson.The best bowler of Test cricket

  31. Noman Khan says:

    Brett Lee of Australia.

  32. Zargar Umer says:

    My phone screen has a fracture so I can’t see the picture clearly but from the comments. I can assure you that the wedding was wonderful. The only thing we wish the couple is a wonderful honeymoon and a happy marriage life

  33. Imran Mohamed says:

    James Anderson the best bowler in English conditions, outside of England, he is worst than many…..

  34. Vikas Sharma says:

    Best of my knowledge, James Anderson is right arm bowler but if we see pic it is showing someone who is left arm bowler. So in my terms he can be either Mitchell Johnson or Mitchel Starc.

  35. Prakash Arnav says:

    I can’t surely say but i have 3 options which related to this picture
    1. Pat Cummins
    2. James Anderson
    3. Chris Woakes

  36. Sabuj Prithibi says:

    Jimmy Anderson,,, A Very Good Inswing Bowler in Cricket …

  37. Asif Hayat says:

    King of swing, Jimmy…
    And because of the fact that he devastated many teams,so they might show some contempt for Jimmy,but that doesn’t matter 🙌

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