Are you able to wager the sport in response to this statement piece?

We are again with every other iconic piece of statement! 🔊 Are you able to wager the sport in response to this audio?


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42 Replies to “Are you able to wager the sport in response to this statement piece?”

  1. Vipin Nautiyal says:

    I think this match Australia vs Newzealand T20 World cup

  2. Tahir Usman Malik says:

    Wi vs sri Lanka t20 final

  3. Vinod Dhar says:

    Laverock probably taking uttappa off Malache Jones.

  4. Kavindu Wijesekara says:

    Leverock catch…. bermuda vs ind

  5. Imtiaz Vania says:

    Ben stokes in the opening game of the world cup, took a blinder of a catch on the boundary

  6. Hrishi Yadav MI says:

    I have listened this voice when Yuvraj Singh hits 6 in 6.

  7. Sifan Mohamed says:

    England vs australia voice big man jofra archer

  8. Harsha S Ankalgi says:

    A commentator, signed contract with ICC for doing commentary on air in English language.

  9. Ritabrata says:

    India v Bermuda WC07, here bumble is referring to the Leverock’s catch to dismiss Uthappa

  10. Abhishek Dalvi says:

    It was sehwag catch in world cup match against Bermuda..

  11. Sabbir Mahamud says:

    Icc world cup 2007 india vs bermuda.. Dwayne leverock superman catch..2007

  12. Uttam Sharma says:

    Ind vs Bermuda wc 2007

  13. Rachit Jaiswal says:

    Ind vs Bermuda …
    Utthapa caught by leverock

  14. Rafsanjani Rana says:

    India vs bermuda WC 2007

  15. Sheikh Rubel Bin Sajahan says:

    This one the Great Tony greg voice

  16. عمران مري says:

    Pakistan vs engald world cup game 2019

  17. Paresh Naik says:

    It means corona playing with us

  18. Mahesh Kashinath Kumbar says:

    Ind Vs Bermuda robin uthapas catch

  19. Shyam Rathod says:

    India v Bermuda
    Leverock taking brilliant catch to dismiss Uthappa
    Commentary by bumble ‘david Lloyd’

  20. Syed Ali Mehdi Naqvi says:

    Why not “In the airrrr gone”

  21. খোকন উদ্দিন বিজয় says:

    ind vs bermuda best keeper site catches big man

  22. Raktim Chatterjee says:

    Paul collingwood taking a stunner one hander to dismiss Matt Hayden off steve Harmissions bowling in the Natwest Series 2005 England.

  23. Tahir Yaqoob says:

    India VS Bermuda 2007 world cup catch taken a slip by the bermudian giant

  24. Vaisakh Haridasan says:

    India v Bermula – 2nd League match of India in ICC WC 2007 – Single-handed catch by Leverock – to dismiss Robin Uthappa

  25. Idris Rasuli says:

    I don’t know the game but it might be the 2007 world cup in the Caribbean.

  26. Arun Vaishnav says:

    Ind vs bermuda 2007 odi wc match, when a bermuda player catch of sahwaab than he enjoy moment with team mets and he was big man🤗

  27. Gaurav Singh says:

    India vs Bermuda 2007 Uthappa caught by Leverock. In wc

  28. সায়েফ অাল হাসিব says:

    The earth shook..🤣

    Dwayne Leverock_vs_India,2007 world cup

  29. Devashish Thugaonkar says:

    Dwayne leverock the big man …he caught a catch that made Bermuda famous !!!! Vs India …..

  30. Zeeshan Naseer says:

    India vs Kenya…
    CWC 2003 Semifinals…

  31. Muhammad Tariq Dawlatzai says:

    It was a catch taken by leorak captain of bermuda against ind.

  32. Muhammad Owais says:

    It was the catch by the Bermuda fielder in 2007 WC

  33. Alok Dubey says:

    David Lloyd..iconic and always fun and thrill to hear

  34. Shahzaib Ghuman says:

    I think its #pak vs #ind
    2nd inning when #kohli gone by #amir…..

  35. Mohammad Naeem says:

    Bermudan took a sitter ..batsmen sachin

  36. Mahmud Quadir says:

    CWC_2007 … IND v BER ( Leverock took a brilliant catch at Slip to make walk Robbin Uthappa to Pavilion)

  37. KH Rafique Abdullah Rafel says:

    Ben Stokes is the man who took the catch in the match between England vs. South Africa WC 2019.

  38. Ashutosh Pathak says:

    India vs Bermuda 2007 world..Robin uthappa caught at slips by leverock..

  39. Shivansh Singh says:

    India vs Bermuda, 2007 One day World Cup, Group stage , India won by 257 runs 😎😎

  40. Ayushi Rawat says:

    Where is Babar azam singer?

  41. Ahsan Avionique says:

    India v bermuda WC 2007.
    Great catch by the big man “Dwayne Leverock” in slips

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