#OnThisDay in 2005, MS Dhoni scored his maiden global in an ODI in opposition to …

#OnThisDay in 2005, MS Dhoni scored his maiden global 💯 in an ODI in opposition to Pakistan. Coming in at No.3, he slammed 148 runs in 123 balls, taking India to a commanding 356/nine in Visakhapatnam. He smashed 15 fours and 4 sixes in that knock 💥


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40 Replies to “#OnThisDay in 2005, MS Dhoni scored his maiden global in an ODI in opposition to …”

  1. Waqas Sb Kora says:

    And Pakistan won the series by 4-2…..

  2. Akaash Xia says:

    Yes no doubt he is a awesome captain..
    From Pakistan!!

  3. Salem Ahmed Sayem says:

    And his ex gf told him that he’ll score a century on that match… Yeah we all know the story.

  4. Nagendra Nag says:

    I saw that match…..in our Vizag only ……..what a blows to Pakistan

  5. M. A Anjum says:

    I was just thinking about msd maiden century vs Pakistan….

  6. Ansal Akber says:

    It’s remembering his movie scene

  7. Mayur Bhoite says:

    Alll humans community you must safe ….take precautions….against chinese virues….

  8. Baba Fakruddin says:

    Vintage Dhoni.. That Hairstyle was a rage Back then 😍

  9. Nasir Khan says:

    is there any other cricket app which talk about all cricketers and all cricket team?? .. just curious

  10. Roshan FC says:

    I was 18 that day its megnifition innings I’m ever watched

  11. Himãñshu Mïttãl says:

    That time the hair style of MSD was famous All over the world

  12. Ravi Prakash Roy says:

    Just once mahi, comeback to those 22 yards, make your startegy behind the stumps, show us your icy nerves!

  13. Shrikesh Salunkhe says:

    I still remember i heard commentry of match on radio due to load shading 😂

  14. Adhrith Sarwar says:

    He was so furious in this match….. From there he became on of the greatest player of the era….

  15. Well Wisher says:

    I think MS Dhoni No 1 Captain of the world

    Totally support and respect from Lahore Pakistan 🇵🇰

  16. Santosh Pratheek says:

    His first test century was also against pak and he scored 148…is that a rare coincidence ?

  17. Moshei Khan says:

    This is unbelievable how this time is gone.. I was in 4th class in 2005… I still remember watching this match on PTV

  18. Naveen Kommani says:

    A great journey started from there

  19. Mahiya Mahi says:

    My mind is gone to” ms Dhoni ” movie after seeing these photos.

  20. Muhammad Azeem says:

    I have memory for this match.when unknown person hit by pak team to much

  21. Sarath Sasidharan says:

    15 years and I still remember it like yesterday. Day on which MSD became an idol for me.

  22. Ashish Kumar Gorav says:

    No.3 position is always suitable for MSD, 183 against sri lanka was another milestone

  23. PS Mahesh says:

    Yes, this day that year, yet another new era was born in Ind cricket through MSD.

  24. Nakibul Islam Hridoy says:

    My most favorite captain of all time 🥰love mahi🇧🇩

  25. MEsam Raza Tammar says:

    Great personality great player no 1 captain wicket keeper
    Love from Pakistan 💚

  26. Ariful Islam says:

    When Sachin & sehwag got out i felt sleepy looking at test match batting of Kaif & Dravid…Then Dhoni came to keep me awake..thank you very much for tremendous entertainment.

  27. Niamul Islam Sabbir says:

    Remembering the match watching live. Its been 15 years since then but seems as if yesterday. I’ve certainly grown up and all the great athletes I watched then are either retired or on the verge of retiring.

  28. Savio Dsilva says:

    This was really a turning point in his cricketing career,and he never looked back,and the Rest is HISTORY.All time Great player.

  29. Vinod R Murjani says:

    I watch yesterday video on tiktok ,
    Where reporter ask kapil dev ,
    Who is better dhoni or virat ,
    He replied ” baap ko baap rehne do ” , bete ko beta ” .
    He is the like a remote of game
    All button are set
    All button there own work

    He knows very well how to play game in any kind of situation ,

  30. Mohsin Ali says:

    Dhoni is the only captain who has lifted 3 ICC world championships. T20 World Cup 2007 Vs Pakistan, World Cup 2011 Vs Sri Lanka & Champions Trophy Vs England in 2013 for India. He was definitely a captain cool at that time. Respect from🇺🇸🇵🇰…!

  31. Rahat Sharif says:

    when Dhoni announced his arrival at international arena and since then he never look back.

  32. Sekhar Pradhan says:

    How can I forget Class 9th Morning classes in school due to Summer came back and Sat before TV with couple of Biscuits and Then the show of this Man started .. although India lost that series

  33. Irfanul Iśläm says:

    The greatest player in cricket history. We miss you MSD.Come back soon..!!

  34. Shameem Pm says:

    Miss you MS Dhoni the new life of Cricket World. The Generator of Helicopter Shot and Master of DRS. The Greated Captain of World Cricket. We wish to see you in International Cricket soon.

  35. Syed Muhammad Naeem says:

    Always admired Dhoni until how he played at WC in knocking out matches.

  36. Shreyas Menon says:

    …and dhoni dedicated this to Disha patani

  37. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    One of the best captains and wicketkeeper batsmen the world has ever produced. Respect from Pakistan.

  38. Saim Shaikh says:

    Just one day before the match he meet his girlfriend and girlfriend told them tommorow your day going very good then dhoni come to the batting and smashed century. Moral is all boys are same as dhoni and dhoni smashed century just because of girl now he married the another girl and ended the career now second moral is dhoni smashed century started the career for a girl and now married a another girl and ended the career ladki ka chakkar hai Babu bhaiyya ladki ka

  39. Saketh Boina says:

    In my home town, I am in college near to that stadium, I didn’t attend the match but I can still hear crowd cheering mahi…

  40. Hashim Khan says:

    All time best inning against pakistan by only indain batsman Excellent Man Salute You MS Dhoni

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