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33 Replies to “Spot the ball”

  1. In India Rates in Rs. Per Kilo Gram of Commodities are:-
    Sugar- 38/- K.g.
    Flour – 28 /- K.g.
    Moong Dal – 80/- k.g.
    Chana Dal- 70/- k.g.
    Arhar Dal- 90/- k.g.
    Oil – 100/- Per K.g.

    Tomato – 20/- k.g.
    Potato-20/- k.g.
    Onion – 25/- k.g.
    All vegetables are nearby Rs.20 Per K.G.

    We Proud our P.M.

  2. The ball can be B because of his body position and eyes is just my personal rough guess

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