Out or no longer out?

☝️ or 🚫 Is Kane Williamson out or no longer out right here? 😄


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32 Replies to “Out or no longer out?”

  1. Reefat Reza Hossain says:

    Not out, i was there at the ground watching the match 😢

  2. Sayantan Mondal says:

    Not Out! Mushi broke the Wickets with his gloves first!

  3. Arsath Faruwes says:

    Wait for the replay, square leg umpire has referred it.

  4. Tanbhir Ahmed Shakib says:

    NOT OUT!

    Mushy did huge mistake! 😪

  5. Mir Rehan Imtiaz says:

    Not out, this miss lost our vision

  6. MD Tanvir Hasnat says:

    This mistake had taken Newzealand to final. But England won the match as a best team of the tournament (i think)

  7. Radha Krishnan says:

    Not out.biles came up before the ball has arrived.

  8. Sarada Prasanna Samantaray says:

    Not out >bcz musfiqur rahman heat bell before ball heating the stump kane was live & live until he finished the game

  9. Not out
    Mushi hits the stamps first & pick the ball from front side😥

  10. Gulzar Alam says:

    Not out !!! and we lost the game for this mistake.

  11. Aziz Mahir says:

    That’s why Liton is the father of Mushi.I think LKD should keep for BD in all three formats.Next big thing in our Cricket.

  12. Akhil Balakrishnan says:

    Not out
    Actually it was a golden opportunity, unfortunately he missed out

  13. Sajib Uddin Rasel says:

    Not out….That was big mistake by our keeper…… for this reason, we lost the game

  14. Kshatriya Kundan Raaz says:

    Not out stump is broken before the ball came into his gloves

  15. Biswajit Gain says:

    Not out 😣.completely missing run out…

  16. তাইমুম আলীআহাদ says:

    if that could have been a wicket of williamson then BD surely would win that match and would have been world cup semifinalist

  17. Waseem Akram Baloch says:

    Very difficult Desion ….50….50….😅😅

  18. Arjit Anand says:

    Its a fair delivery…..go ahead….yes go ahead……ok….. keeping gloves hits the stumps and bells are off before the ball gets caught into the gloves so its not out. I repeat NOT OUT

  19. CA Shiv Gourav says:

    Not out.beacause musfiq hits the stamp first without having a ball in his hands

  20. Akram Khan says:

    It was not out Because of Mushi’s mistake…he has broken stumps early…when bowl wasn’t reach at his hand

  21. Faisal Shahrior says:

    originally out.
    But unfortunately Not out because of his foolishness of wicket keeper Musfiqur Rahim.

  22. Vijay Jashotani says:

    Not out bails out of stump with hand

  23. Tausif Tanjim Auddri says:

    Not out🙃 bails were dislodged with the hands😞

  24. Naeimur Hasan says:

    It was our bad luck…. If kane was gone… May be we could won the game…

  25. Imam Hossain Emon says:

    not out…this game was a crucial game for us but we lost

  26. Abibur Rahman says:

    not out!! Musfiqur he made mistake was these match.😥

  27. Mohammad Sohan says:

    not out
    Mushfiq miss the chance
    And also we lose this match for this reason

  28. Pavan Kumar says:

    Not out…. He broke the stumps way to early ……..and then the ball hit the stumps… It was a direct throw

  29. Mahade Hassn says:

    how we can forget that day it was on eid day..mushi was very excited and he broke bell fast..and it was not out

  30. Zahid Iqbal says:

    #Not_out ,bails were dislodged before catching the ball. He might had #uprooted_the_stump to get a batsman out if bails are already taken off.

  31. Engr RaNa Tariq says:

    Not Out bcz keeper has disturbed the bails before collecting the ball and other mistake which he did his hands were in front of the stumps that should have been behind the stumps when he was collecting the ball .

  32. Khan Nasir says:

    Goat of wicket keeping sir mushfiqur rahim that was an easy runout. Obviously out. So many hard runout he has done this is with both eyes closed work for lejhand mushifuqur.

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