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47 Replies to “What is the most exciting you have had at a cricket fit?”

  1. Farah Sheikhni says:

    Momim saqib interview🤣 ind vs pak

  2. Ajmal Khan says:

    I love this ground adelade

  3. Nawaz King says:

    Pakistan vs England test

    Pakistan bowling ❤️👌👈

  4. Mohamed Ashik says:

    Virat vs mc grath shoaib akther shane bond

  5. Shah Fahad says:

    Champions trophy(2017)final and world cup final (2019)😍😍

  6. Asif Afridi says:

    My favrt stadium…

  7. Syed Awais says:

    My fvrt ground Adilade ❣️

  8. Mulatiyana Dhammasoma says:

    Tea is fantastic

  9. Abdul Haseeb Bera says:

    1999 semi final sa vs aus

  10. Fahdi Malik says:

    Lords final 2019😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  11. Jeba Fariha Alvi says:

    Loved to see handsome cricketers😁

  12. आशुतोष सिंह says:

    This venue ❤

  13. Izzath Ali says:

    India vs Pakistan 2015 world cup match

  14. Hafiz Hamza says:

    Champions Trophy 2017 Final.

  15. Ali Shan Ali says:

    ICC CT 2017 final pak vs Ind
    Asia cup 2014 pak vs Ind

  16. Zain Khan says:

    ICC Champion troph 2017 Final Pakistan won the final against India.

  17. Rejaur Islam Turhan says:

    Ireland vs netherland t20match in sylhet international stadium, probably it was 14/15… Ireland win the match within 14.3 overs by chasing 190+ run 🔥🔥🔥was a tremendous one innings ever seen in my life.

  18. Rajaul Karim Nishan says:

    India vs Pakistan icc champions tropTrophy 2017 final

  19. Md Ashikul Habib says:

    Thinking about umpire in tests,, wtf they will do throughout the day 🙄

  20. Ahmad Sultan Ghuman says:

    Getting out by friends and Saying please give me another chance and then next ball out again 😂

  21. Tahir Darr says:

    There are many for a true cricket lover 😊

  22. Ahsan Ullah says:

    The 2016 t20 final match was fantastic .
    Ricky Carlos Brathwate was hero.

  23. Naeem Qamar says:

    2005 Ashes, England winning by 2 runs

  24. Hafiz Jawàd Āhmēđ says:

    Asia cup 2014 pak vs ind

  25. M Qasim Lawoon says:

    Icc champion trophy 2017 Pakistan won the final match against india

  26. Noman Safdar Abbasi says:

    Champions trophy final and world cup final and lots of other matches as well

  27. Sylvester Gabriel says:

    World is dying instead of helping people ICC is contributing as joker

  28. getting out by friends and I’m telling my friends give me another change and I’m gone again next ball☺😃

  29. Zameer Ahmed says:

    Pak vs Afg wcc19 match was an exciting match ever ❤

  30. Ahmed Hassan says:

    Pak vs India, series 2005, at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Police with enormous bellies were providing security, we enjoyed teasing them with slogans more than the actual match. Lol. Pakistan won the match btw.

  31. Chris Long says:

    2007 – Chappell Hadlee game one Eden Park. Basically a religious experience…

  32. Rana Naeem Yousaf says:

    ICC Champions Trophy PAK Vs Ind Final..
    Shahid Afridi Batting Against india In Asia Cup Win with six to Ashwin …..

  33. it'Zz Asif says:

    Noakhali vs Barisal Final match,
    Noakhali National Stadium.
    At the country of noakhali.

  34. Akhil Jatushkaran says:

    Around 10 years back…it was Matthew Hayden with Mongoose… Ultimate..

  35. ICC Champion troph 2017 Final Pakistan won the final against India.

  36. Neel Ghosh says:

    The whole family gathering during the match with drinks and snacks that too in 90’s specially the game of India, australia, pakistan, england. Today the excitement for cricket is just like any other thing…

  37. TuFayl NaBi says:

    When some overconfident teams overconfident player tried to cross the line 🙄
    Stay in
    Stay safe

  38. Rahab Parvez says:

    Champion trophy 2017 pak india match

  39. Sameel Haris says:

    My first match in a stadium, early 2000s, Pakistan Vs India at NSK. All of us stood up to clap for Dravid at 99 when Shoaib Akhtar clean bowled him, lost my voice for a few days after that.
    Pak lost the match by 5 runs chasing 340 something.

  40. Abeer Bin Azam says:

    Felt pleasure to witness Fawad Alam in the practice session during lunch at National Stadium…..I really enjoyed his catches and the brilliance in his throw ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Rabia Shaikh says:

    ICC is getting bore😂

  42. Wajid Mukhtar says:

    Walton and Dunk scene in PSL this year

  43. Jash Patel says:

    Watching all the players practice before the match at the India vs Pakistan match in CWC 19. It was my first ever match.

  44. Mukesh Harrypersad says:

    West Indies vs England 1968 .The day Sobers declared and give England 220 runs to get, with almost an entire day to do so.

  45. Talha Aamir says:

    Shinwari’s last over vs QG and that celebration of the crowd after wards.❤️😍

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