Bangladesh and Australia have agreed to delay the two-match Take a look at collection the s…

Bangladesh and Australia have agreed to delay the two-match Take a look at collection the perimeters have been because of play in June.

The collection, which is part of the ICC Global Take a look at Championship, is predicted to be rescheduled for a later date.


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28 Replies to “Bangladesh and Australia have agreed to delay the two-match Take a look at collection the s…”

  1. Niladre Rahman says:

    love from uganda🥴

  2. MH Monirul Islam says:

    number 1 batsman mushi😍😍

  3. Rahul Laxman says:

    Sigh of relief for the Sandpaperians 😂😂

  4. Mizan Ur Rahman says:

    Avoided a battering anyway

  5. JR Jøbåyêr Ahmed says:

    Hopefully this series will reschedule after return of Shakib Al Hasan

  6. Ariyan Islam Alamin says:

    We are waiting for this series 😥

  7. Rayhan Islam says:

    At first safe your life after have to do play long time

  8. میاں احسن احسان says:

    I will Play this T20 CWC 2020 with Aaron Finch.

  9. Şiř Sai Varma says:

    Any how aus will win 2-0

  10. Siva Gullapudi says:

    Everyone know the result… Australia is winner…. Bangla looserss😂😂😂😂

  11. Very good decision.. But i want aus comeing bangldadesh

  12. Hridoy Rahman says:

    What the authorities do will be good for everyone

  13. Abdullah AL Mamun says:

    Don’t know when Again all sports and games start Again!, 😥😥

  14. Foysal Ahmed says:

    How much lucky Australia 😋🤔

  15. Md Jalis Mahmud says:

    it,s vary bad news for us

  16. Rashed Rashed says:

    Make it after shakib’s regain!

  17. MD Shafikul Islam says:

    In home… we are better than india.

  18. Icc need to introduce any online series

  19. Saidul Islam Saied says:

    We had good moment with Australia in the last series

  20. Jignesh Shetye says:

    Another series lost is postponed 😁

  21. Bakul Hossain says:

    I hope Shakib will get chance to play this series for this reason.

  22. MD Rashel says:

    When our Shakib available for cricket…..

  23. প্রীতিলতার সুখ says:

    It’s perfect decision.
    First human lives then live action.

  24. Aamir Shahzad says:

    The days passing like a test match and this year’s name is 2020

  25. Mostafizur Rahman says:

    Good decision.we are writing Australia

  26. Vole J Jo says:

    Corona has canceled everything around
    A big Test for players around the world to keep themselves fit
    Just when Lahore qalandars were about to win PSL after 4 years
    Just when Liverpool was about to win EPL after so many years
    Just when we were gearing for Wrestlemania with large crowds
    Everything F*cked..

  27. Ashik Alahe says:

    Australia is lucky 🍀 😑

  28. A M Islam Hossen says:

    I believe our tiger very strong in our home village.
    So we miss our conversations with the big 🐟

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