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30 Replies to “Spot the ball”

  1. AB looking in A and i think AB preparation to long jump in AAAAAA!

  2. সাফিউল ইসলাম শোভন says:

    A, he is preparing for long jump to reach the ball. B and C can be easily caught by standing

  3. Manish Thakur says:

    A ❤️is my Choice !!
    B could so close to be caught & Looking his eyes Option C is out of the Contest

  4. Jiten Dewan Yakkha says:

    It must be option A if AB is not blind.😎

  5. H Usama Tufail says:

    I think, ball is in the air 😎

  6. Shahriar ImrAn says:

    Highly likely A; his eyes, body movements and hand gestures says so!🧐

  7. Ab cover the ball raga

  8. Javid Qureshi says:

    A because i seen this live match😉

  9. Ezaz Aziz Khan says:

    There is no ball but A B C

  10. Shivam Shukla says:

    A, B or even C he can catch all of these 🥰❤️

  11. Anamul Kabir says:

    It’s A, look at his eyes👀
    C is too close to his body
    And obviously B Isn’t because B is above to his eyes vision so A is The correct answer

  12. Siam Islam says:

    Definitely A I’m #100%Sure

  13. Foysal Iqbal Khan says:

    Anyone can say it’s A.
    if AB is blind, he can go spot B or C😀😀

  14. Satheesh Kumar says:

    C is seeing on ab,
    B totally out of focus,
    Consider Ab running position,it must be A.

  15. Md Mizanur Sikdar says:

    Long jump preparation so its may be A

  16. Syed Toheed Ali Gillani says:

    Dear ICC
    Are you enjoying the lockdown ?
    As your posts showing .

  17. Ram Kandregula says:

    I must put here D also…ABD😍

  18. Ankur Bajaj says:

    When I was young I use to solve this puzzle in Cricket Samrat 😀

  19. প্রীতিলতার সুখ says:

    Eye contact A. Should be spot A…..💪💪

  20. Sayma Mou says:

    Boll is in Air.I Think he’s Out.Love And Respect From Uganda🙄🙄

  21. Shoaib Aziz Lone says:

    Where is option D?

  22. রহিম উদ্দির প্রতিবেশী says:

    That should be “W”

  23. Hamid Rahimi says:

    Doesn’t make any sense, I’m sure he’ll catch it.

  24. Jit Debnath says:

    I am 100% sure ‘A’ is the right answer…. 😎

  25. The-Sumiet Bachane says:

    Where is the ball ??? I can’t see 🤔

  26. His eyes indicate where the ball might be.
    I’ll choice (A)

  27. Moshiur Rahman Nirob says:

    It is A because the eyes of de villers is in A, so surely it is A

  28. Gopa Kumar says:

    A.. expression of the wicket keeper says ball must be little far

  29. ফজলুল বারী ফরহাদ says:

    I think its D, the ball is out of photo. Rather Out of field 😂

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