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13 Replies to “staff director Mark Boucher has been proud of how the facet’s kids have…”

  1. Amjad Hafeez says:

    I wish to meet Mohammad Hafeez in life.💖💖💖

    زندگی۔ میں۔ محمد حفیظ ۔ سے ۔ملنے۔ کی بڑی۔ خواہش۔ ہے💖💖💖

  2. Sadia Afrin says:

    I love south Africa cricket 💖

  3. Niladre Rahman says:

    love from uganda❤🤦‍♀

  4. Syed Muhammad Umar Draz says:

    But no one is going to replace Abd and Hashim Amla one of the greats player in South Africa

  5. Ayushi Rawat says:

    I love south africa cricket ❤️

  6. Moses Ibraar says:

    More spots are due to open by the end of the year so more youngsters will come in.

  7. Thapelo Mokonyama says:

    In a year or 2 we’ll reclaim our rightful place in world cricket

  8. Palesa Shwala says:

    Give it a season or two and they’ll be a good team. There were a few really good individual performances.

  9. Thandoluhl Mbusi Sokhela says:

    Yes thy did tried thy gave ENGLAND tight T20 games nice games those were👌👌🤞 epic games also gave them great ODI series … AUSTRALIA toure I tink it’s belongs to them hey 💯🏏🏏✔️💯

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