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49 Replies to “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Haroon Shäh says:

    Who is this beautiful girl?

  2. Anish Kandel says:

    480 wickets

  3. Saif Afridi says:


  4. Santosh Kumar Behera says:

    Although hit by yuvi for sixes he is a fine test bowler

  5. Shahed Khan Akash says:

    Stuart Broad

  6. Lahiru Crishan says:

    This was innocent broad before losing his virginity to yuvraj! 😂

  7. Shakawat Hossain Rafi says:

    Perry or Broad ?

  8. Rather Mudasir says:

    Stuart broad my favourite player

  9. Sagar Kalyan Yadla says:

    Stuart Broad

  10. Gobinda Bhattacharjee says:

    He reminds me 6 sixes

  11. S H Shawn Talukdar says:

    Stuart broad look like Justin bibar😱

  12. মো. ইকবাল হোসেন says:

    looks like rose of tinanic cenema

  13. Stalin Aloshious says:

    Couldn’t see he smiling when yuvi hit 6 out of 6 outside the park 😂😂

  14. Sayma Mou says:

    Is He Stuart Broad?

  15. Yash Garg says:

    Is this woman Stuart Broad?

  16. மரினோ மைக்கல் ஜெகநாதன் says:

    Maundy Thursday

  17. Sowmya Deepu says:

    D stuart broad

  18. Gursimran Bains says:

    What Justin doing in ICC post?

  19. Uwasara Ranasinghe says:

    He looks like jb😛🤪

  20. Ahsan Kakar says:

    nightmare for David warnar in the last Ashes..

  21. Animesh Das says:

    What’s with the hair? 🤔

  22. In that time he didn’t know that
    Yuvraj Singh will hit him 6 Sixes in a row 😂😂😂😂

  23. আবু বকর ছিদ্দিক হৃদয় says:

    Looking like a handsome boy

  24. Syed Suliman Abrahim Shah says:

    My favorite
    Stuart Broad

  25. Thanuja Hasakelum says:

    6×6 board

  26. Ankit Kumar Singh says:

    A real class act. He has robbed many teams in Broad daylight over the years.

  27. Ashik Ur Rahman says:

    Stuart board! Looks like Justin beiber as well..😅😅

  28. Noor Nizami says:

    Stuard Broad but looks like justin Beiber

  29. Fahim Ali says:

    Getting ready actually looks ready for #icc#wtt20#sa#2007

  30. Suman Biswas says:

    When Jimmy Anderson first seen Stuart broad
    “Wow how beautiful is she”

  31. Dhruva Balar says:

    Is she sister of stuart broad??

  32. Munikishore Kavuluru says:

    666666 by Yuvi but he is good test bowler….!!!

  33. Sher Khan says:

    Really cuteness overloaded!!! S Broad

  34. Sourabh Mahour says:

    What a beautiful girl with short hair 😄

  35. Zayan Ovi says:

    The teenager who became adult after getting 6 6’s from Yuvi in Africa.

  36. Malik Shaaban says:

    Ooh… Stuart Broad. He was grown to marvelous bowler by #Yuvrajsingh all the ground 6 sixes

  37. Md Asadul Islam says:

    Excellent look…
    think of his present position… guys

  38. Priyajit Bishayee says:

    The moment you have been hit for six sixes in an over but still you have to put a fake smile in front of camera

  39. Ajay Hadaliya says:

    If I’m not wrong. Yovraj smash 6 six in his over. I don’t remember the name😛😛

  40. S M Maruf Rayhan says:

    yeah he considered 6 sixes in an over.. bt look at his career.. at the end he will be remembered much more than yuvi… he is gonna be one of the greatest test bwler of all time… Appreciate him 😊

  41. Present era!! Awesome
    Never give up just try your best

  42. Raj Chawaria says:

    If 1 over 6 sixes make you legend of the game than i will conceded many overs like this.. modern era legend Sir stuart broad 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏

  43. Partha Hati says:

    He can be hit six sixes in row but as a cricketer as he has achieved more than yuvi .
    As of now he has bagged 485 wickets in test cricket .
    He gonna be one of the greatest bowler of all time .
    # love from India

  44. Bikash Dhakal says:

    This innocent kid doesn’t know what will happen with him in t20 world 2007 and later become one of the great of the test matches

  45. AKaash Thakur says:

    Ellyse Perry was beautiful in her teenage as well.

  46. Pragati Pradan says:

    omg stuart broad beautiful beautiful

  47. Amit Thakur says:

    A seedling yet to blossomed into a b’ful flower.. cortesy yuvi

  48. Md. Shahadat Hossain Samim says:

    looks like innocent female..

    but i know he is a hero of England’s cricket team #Stuart_Broad..

    though uv takes 6-6’s against his over but actually i feel that– “bad day’s and moments can come for each and every bowler’s but one have to come back from this situations” … and he proved that..😘

  49. Heeta Harvinder says:

    Once Colin Coudrey was driving car n they heard in running commentary ODi cricket between India n England his son Chris coudrey got out his first Wicket out kapil Dev in his first over in his ODI cricket in running car Colin jumped on his seat with glad !
    But me till in waiting what was the reaction about Chris Brod after conceded 6 sixes in one over by his son Stuart broad !
    Where is the aggression of 2nd Chris ! 🤔🤔

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