‘Would like to win a Check sequence in India’ – Steve Smith

🗣️ “I believe as an Australian cricketer we discuss Ashes, which is at all times large, the International Cup is large, however I believe now India is the No.1 crew on the earth and this is a very tough position to play Check cricket.”

‘Would like to win a Check sequence in India’ – Steve Smith

Australia batter Steve Smith mentioned taking part in Check cricket in India may be very tough and he would really like to win a Check sequence towards the No.1 ranked facet.


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38 Replies to “‘Would like to win a Check sequence in India’ – Steve Smith”

  1. Sayma Mou says:

    Best Wishes For Both Team. Love From 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  2. Rizwan Yousaf says:

    خوشخبری. تمام موبائل فون کمپنیوں کا فری انٹرنیٹ اور منٹ آگئے. کوئی دھوکہ نہیں. کوڈ ویڈیو میں دیکھیں


  3. S ț ø r ï ē ś Wõřľđ says:

    Like on this page

  4. Nawrin Islam Lopa says:

    Best of Luck
    Best wishes #Love💓 and #Respect From 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  5. Amil Hussen says:

    #Amil cricketer from 🇧🇩

  6. Nitin Mudgal says:

    Dream will remain dream….

  7. Hābibā Quēēn says:

    Just add some furious sledging like aussies always did in past. Hopefully then you can get rid of Indians easily.

  8. Muhammad Adeel says:

    Hahhahahah smith sb IPL me paise ziada lyna chahty hooo jiase michal clark ne kaha tha ur ha india no 1 kbi ni bn sktiii agr india wale test series pakistan se khaile india me phr dakhty kn no 1

  9. Shan Aabid says:

    Don’t think , Just admit it.

  10. Anurag Chaudhary says:

    Will always remain a dream :v

  11. Sinha Rakesh says:

    Keep dreaming champion

  12. Naveen Selva says:

    If they start preparing legal pitches India would lose to atleast 4 touring teams every season……!!!! If India is so so strong at home and is no. 1 team, tell me one overseas victory in the last 10 yrs that is worth boasting abt……. Tampering with pitches and winning isn’t a great team…… Every other foreign country atleast produces pitches that are neutral to both teams…… Prepare a pitch with equal advantages to both teams and winning at home and overseas is the example of a true powerful team not just winning useless home series all the time……. Remember Eng won in SA, Aus drew in England, even Pakistan drew in Eng and SL won in SA…… India is the most useless test team in the current top 8 teams…….

  13. Vinay Wick says:

    I rather watch your play than whole team.

  14. Niladre Rahman says:

    love from uganda🥴

  15. Steven Rowe says:

    Good luck with that u need to get ur teammates to play spin much better cos u know ur going to get pitches that spin a lot and u prob need decent preparation like at least 2 quality first class games against quality opposition before going in to the tests and given that ur over 30 now u prob have 2 test tours left to achieve this smith ur chances r slim in my opinion

  16. Fazley Rabbi Rana says:

    Even 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 will give you guys a 🤜🤜🤜 in Chattogram for sure🙄

  17. Yash Commerce Classes says:

    Every country take advantages of its Home condition ok in England or in South Africa and Australia we don’t get spining track

  18. Hsyiz Sarker says:

    Best wishes for Australia. Not for india

  19. Minas Gangele says:

    Yes always very tough task to beat indian team on there home soil in test cricket 💪

  20. Arpit Agarwal says:

    Sadman Sakib if u remember the 4th n deciding test of 2017 australia’s tour of India the pitch was more of an advantage to the aus team than Indian n every nation does that see SA, Aus, even Eng for that matter it’s just that how pronounced the impact of the pitch n conditions is n how impactfully one can use it to their advantage

  21. Muhammad Faisal says:

    You need a spinner as good as good Shane Warne was, to win a series in india.

  22. Niranjan Bhandari says:

    to win test series in india make your batting core strength to face spinners otherwise anticlockwise result will remains constant


  23. Sheikh Danish Mazhar says:

    As if aussies won ashes so hes talking about final frontier….aussies got no chance in india ever

  24. Himanshu Durgam says:

    But still shafali verma better than Babar Azam tuk tuk

  25. Allan Augustine says:

    Overseas Indian test team is big 00000 want to win more test matches in overseas

  26. Doug Sheridan says:

    True. India is the bigger opponent than England nowadays. The Aust. v India series are bigger & more important. 👍

  27. Anirban Day says:

    Dream will remain dream
    Remember last time u started dressing room review system 😂😂
    No one can win series in india

  28. Zunair Shakeel says:

    You had a very good chance in 2017 but your team put that down…

  29. Hassan Ali says:

    Michael Clark was speaking truth about Australian team and indian team relationship 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Vijay Bhasker says:

    Truly said.. INDIA can’t be defeated easily in their home test matches..

  31. Sambit SenApati says:

    Dreams are dime a dozen… Steve Smith, this unobtainable wish of yours can only come true when India plays no spinners. Chahal and Ashwin bowling on those dusty tracks, square turners on the final day of the test match will leave you and your batsmen bamboozled. Be careful of what you wish for man !!

  32. Sadman Sakib says:

    If India ever played on sporting wickets instead of spin mines,they’d lose a lot of series’s at home….even anything less than a mine would be harmful for them.They take the biggest home advantage in world cricket….

  33. Honey Singh says:

    The way india are playing in their home it would be so difficult to win test series for any team. Since 2012 india have lost just two matches in home. I dont think any team can win series against this Indian team they are unbeatable

  34. Kumar Saket says:

    Try developing Adam zampa as a test bowler, train him on flighting the ball….I believe with Zampa and Lyon, Australia will have a real good chance as England had with Swann and Panesar.

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