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29 Replies to “Are you able to bet which floor’s pavilion that is?”

  1. Saim Islam says:

    My school’s playground

  2. Karthi Keyan Shivaram says:

    Sydney Cricket Ground

  3. Nachiketa Bairagi says:

    Old Trafford Manchester

  4. Jeeva Bharathi says:

    Old Trafford, Manchester

  5. Subhankar Mistry says:

    Lords from England

  6. Arkaprava Banerjee says:

    Old Trafford, Manchester

  7. Bilal Azhar says:

    Old Trafford mancshester

  8. Aditya Agrawal says:

    Lords london england 🏏…

  9. Bhushan Shinde says:

    Sydney Australia

  10. Mangesh Gangurde says:

    Lords london

  11. হামিদুর রহমান রাব্বী says:

    Lords.. London.

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