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26 Replies to “In 146 suits in combination, the Shabnim Ismail-Marizanne Kapp pair has picked up 32…”

  1. Zaryab Mmd says:

    World health organization👇👇👇
    Today we marked 100 days since the first case of what we now call COVID-19 was notified to WHO.

    Over 1.3 million people have been infected and almost 80,000 have lost their lives.

    To alleviate suffering and save lives, WHO is:
    -Supporting countries to prepare and respond
    -Providing accurate information and fight the infodemic
    -Ensuring supplies of medical equipment for health workers
    -Training and mobilizing health workers
    -Accelerating R&D

  2. Sabiha Jannat says:

    Dear Cricket fans😍😍😍!pls join in this group.👇👇👇

  3. Ankita Bhattacharjee says:

    Love & respect ❤

  4. Sagar Neupane says:


  5. Eugene Jeans Swanepoel says:

    Congratulations 🙂

  6. Khalid Trichy says:


  7. Šmärt Sãm says:

    Congratulations 🎊 🎊 love from India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳

  8. Nazia Sheikh says:

    Congratulations 🎉

  9. Nadia Nur says:

    Congratulations from India 🇮🇳❤️

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