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43 Replies to “In this Siblings Day, Nathan McCullum has had an enchanting thought. Who do you t…”

  1. سيد توحيد says:

    Shaun marsh mitch marsh
    Kamran akmal umar akmal
    Hardik pandya krunal pandya

  2. Abdur Rauf says:

    Albie Morkel
    Yousuf Pathan
    Steve Waugh
    Brendom MCcllum ❤
    Amella kerr
    Kevin O’Brien

  3. Tanvir Ahmed says:

    I Missing three greatest legend sir akmal brothers😭😭

  4. Subodh Chakraborty says:

    Ian Chapelle and Gregg Chapelle
    Marshall twin brothers

  5. Haseeb Hassan says:

    Where’s is akmal brothers?

  6. Rajdeep Chakravorty says:

    where is my fav flower bros..

  7. Amardeep Singh says:

    Where is flower brothers

  8. Hasnain Jâtt says:

    What about Akmal brothers from Pakistan 🤨

  9. Raj Kumar Poudel says:

    Where is shane marsh and mitchell marsh

  10. Raj Kumar Poudel says:

    Where is Mike hussey and David hussey

  11. Sahil Solangi says:

    Where is Akmal brother??

  12. Nazim Ali says:

    Where are Mike and David Hussey

  13. Md Shafiq Chowdhury says:

    Missed “Brett Lee” & “Shane Lee”.

  14. Tareq Ahmmed says:

    Where is kamran nd umar Akmal?

  15. Yasir Habib says:

    You miss the to pakistani brothers

  16. Where are Curren brother’s

  17. Imran Sohail says:

    Waugh brothers are twins. They don’t fall in younger elder category

  18. Akash Sharma says:

    Steve n mark were incredible…..but Brandon mecullum is far superior than his brother Nathan
    … disrespect

  19. Aadil Shafiq says:

    Waugh brothers were brilliant in their era

  20. Janaditha Jayasinghe says:

    ICC has missed Rajapakshe brothers also

  21. Ganesh Paneru says:

    Brendon McCullum
    Amela kerr
    Kevin O’Brien
    Mark Waugh
    Irfan Pathan
    Albie Morkel………..

  22. Zohaib Ch says:

    Hanif Mohammad
    Mushtaiq Mohammad
    Wazir Mohammad
    Sadiq Mohammad
    4 brothers in pakistan team why miss this

  23. BaAsit Malik says:

    Where are Akmal Brothers. Lol wicket keepers of Pakistan.

  24. Vineeth KM says:

    Andy flower and Grand flower ..
    Hardik and krunal pandya

  25. Syed Fardin Tahmid says:

    My fav. List
    Wagh brothers
    Flower brothers
    Morkel brothers

  26. Kausar Ahmed says:

    Craig Overton and Jamie Overton

    form England Somerset club

  27. Nahid Saleh says:

    Andy flower, gren flower two brother my favourite players ❤❤

  28. Sɘvɘŋtɘŋ Mʌƴ says:

    Where is Champions bravo brother??

  29. Ümãíŕ Sħåmł says:

    Lol.. this is nothing.. we have trio
    Kamran akmal
    Umar akmal
    Adnan akmal
    And they are in same field (keeping)

  30. Sami Sammu Anp says:

    Michal hussy vs David hussy
    Andy flower vs grandy flower
    Shan marsh vs Michell.marsh
    Kamran Akmal vs umar Akmal
    Sam Curran vs Tom Curran

  31. Gadhvi Rules says:

    Andy flower and grant flower must be there in list they have best pair

  32. Zain Ul Abideen says:

    Akmal brothers raja brothers Muhammad brothers

  33. Spãrk Villä says:

    (kamran,umar,adnan)Akmal brother
    Dhoni and goni brothers

  34. Muhammad Ashiq Elahi says:

    Icc where is the both akmal 🤷‍♂️🙄

  35. Sohil Shaikh says:

    S. Wagh M. Wagh

  36. Kaleem Ullah says:

    The winners are Umar Ajmal, Adnan akmal and kamran akmal.. And their cousin babar Azam…

  37. Hassan Ali says:

    Why legend’s
    Umar Kamran akmal r Not in

  38. Dewan Zaka says:

    Shaun Marsh vs Mitchell Mars 🇦🇺 Umar Akmal vs Kamran 🇵🇰 akmal
    Tamil Iqbal vs Nafees Iqbal 🇧🇩
    hardik pandya vs Kunal pandeya 🇮🇳
    Darren bravo vs DJ bravo

  39. Ashfaque Mahmud says:

    Among the siblings waugh brothers have more impact on any game whether it was odi or test.

  40. Nazir Shiraj says:

    Andy flower & grant flower
    Pul strang & b. Strang
    Guy whittal & Andy whittal
    Bret Lee & Shane Lee
    Arujuna ranatunga & sanjeev ranatunga

  41. Smarak Smith says:

    Flower, Hussey, Pandya, Akmal lots of brothers in international cricket list

  42. Malik Salman Maitla says:

    Missing the legend the great sir akmal brothers😔

  43. Hassan Shah says:

    Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal. Andy flower and Grant flower, Brett Lee and Shane Lee.

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