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30 Replies to “It can not get more uncomplicated than this…”

  1. Bittu Ghosh says:

    100% sure,,,,,australia,,,,,laftey batsman,,,,,,DAVED WANNER,,,,,

  2. Muhammad Shoaib Khan says:

    Warner or stokes….

  3. Soumalya Roy says:

    Warni special shot.. And Sir Jaddu played this shot Against Big Ben in IPL 😍

  4. Sohel Mahmud says:

    I’m sure he’s non other than our all time great hard-hitter sir ABD…!!

  5. Shahid XAn says:

    indian plyers k siwa or plyers bhi hn unki pics bhi lgdi kren munfiq logon

  6. Mohammed Ashek Salam says:

    I’ve seen this stroke. Can’t remember the batsman now.

  7. Mehedi Hasan says:

    Maybe: Ben Stocks 😍

  8. Zulfiquar Ali says:

    AB D Villiers 360° 🏏🏏

  9. Raja Wajid says:

    Aisy shot to aik he Banda Khail skta hai #Muhammad #Rizwan Pakistani bradman

  10. Sreenivas Phukan says:

    Is the mohmmad shahzad from Afghanistan

  11. Lokesh Raj says:

    Is he Ben stokes?

  12. बिशाल पौडेल says:

    It seems like the batsman is left handed. If it is right handed ofc its Steven Smith.

  13. Nalini Kanta Behera says:

    David Warner.. Australia Opner

  14. Uzzal L Hussain says:

    Shekhar Dewan, or Nicola poran?

  15. Riasat Noman says:

    ashes series
    it can be warner or smith

  16. Ismail Hossain says:

    This batsman is left the batsman is David Warner.

  17. Ganesh Prasad Koirala says:

    Stokes during his famous test winning ton 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Tahsin Dip says:

    I think Abd villiers the 360 ?

  19. Mujibar Molya Rahaman says:

    Steven unstoppable Smith🏏

  20. Krishna Khanal says:

    Scored 50 against Eng with same shot…Legendary Steven Smith❤❤

  21. Ashraf Nowaj says:

    Mahmudullah Against Sri Lanka Nidahash trophy.

  22. Manjunath Hallikeri says:

    This pic is from ashes series I think he is Steven Smith

  23. Gaurav Bhandari says:

    Steven unstoppable Smith🏏

  24. Md. Minarul Islam says:

    Stocks or warner

  25. Junaid Al Farabi says:


  26. Neupane Arjun says:

    The man who made the shots of gully cricket famous at international level🙏❤️

  27. Karthik Bharath says:


  28. Ragib Shahriar Rafi says:

    I think….. 360 man…..De villiars

  29. Ariyan Ahmed Shakil says:

    The subject of thought. Let’s talk to warner smith or Bens Stoke. Yes steven Smith

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