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47 Replies to “That is proper! It is ‘He who shadow-bats’”

  1. Rao Fahim Jamal says:

    Han menay bhi yahi kaha tha.

  2. الیاس انجم says:

    Where are the balla balla …..😂😂😂😂

  3. Everyone said David warner

  4. Saruar Hossain Probal says:

    I thought it would David Warner

  5. Shoaib Memon says:

    that is why i couldnt figure out which left hander that is 🤔😜

  6. Aqil Ahmad says:

    In the picture, there was a left hander

  7. Amol Gite says:

    I think 99.99% people’s given wrong answer…😂😂

  8. Niteesh Singh says:

    I guessed the correct one because Smith play every time laptop sort

  9. M Mehran Khan says:

    My prediction was right

  10. Ahmed Waqar Khan says:

    The Man who’s hand is always in movement.

  11. Md Badsha Fahad Sarker says:

    I was told that he was Rashid Khan

  12. Only Smudge knows how to play a shot like this 😆

  13. Jahid Hasan Nirob says:

    i thought it was Mahmudullah riad

  14. Heana Nabi says:

    I told it’s Villiers…

  15. Yogesh Singh says:

    That photo was inverted. It’s hard guess in inverted shadow.

  16. Siyabonga Sbusiso Mkhunya says:

    He is the only batman who play this short

  17. Nishad Sorder says:

    What a dramatical man he is 🤭

  18. Vinjaram Choudhary says:

    All is wrong where is left-hand batsman it’s steve smith I’m right now

  19. Iffu Rihan says:

    My answer is 100 rght…

  20. Vijay Vijay says:

    Immortal technique 😲😲😲😲

  21. Rawinder Singh says:

    ICC incredible…..😂😂😂

  22. Hadi Antu says:

    It’s ‘He who shadow-bats’ 😄🤣🤣🤣

  23. Ayesh Gunasekara says:

    1 min silence for who said that was lefthanded batsman one 😂😂

  24. Shivam Anand says:

    I guessed the correct one. I am proud of myself.

  25. Two minutes of silence for those who thought it was left handed batsman😂😂

  26. Haider Khan says:

    So Steve smith was the only man who answered it right🤣

  27. Ishaq Mahmud Saif says:

    everyone think the guy was left handerd 😪 i Thought him ABD 🧐

  28. Armaan Ali says:

    Comes up with unbelievable poses this guy…

  29. Rashid A Jabbar says:

    He is really superb batsman in Auss side.
    Respect from🇵🇰❤✌

  30. Müvhängœ Nďbhudzå Nnyi says:

    On this One😁😁😁… Well done admin.. I really thought it was a left hand batsman

  31. Ahnaf Tahmid says:

    One of the best test batsman at present.

  32. Ajith LaVanya says:

    Superb Batsman … One Of The Best In The World.

  33. Humayoun Rashid says:

    I thought he is playing badminton, isn’t he?

  34. bad luck,,my prediction was wrong,,, I told that David Warner

  35. Anirudh Sharma says:

    It’s an excruciating to see him play… Very painful to the eyes

  36. ठाकुर मानवेंद्र प्रताप सिंह says:


  37. Micheal Mondol says:

    I don’t try to miss any single ball he faces while batting on the crease. Love abundantly this man.

  38. Ngcali Clock says:

    A man who just loves the art of Batting lots of respect from RSA🇿🇦

  39. Kamal Hossain Lovelu says:

    I thought this guy is left-handed

  40. Çhowdhury Sajiß says:

    The position (shadowed) of his right hand made easy to recognise him. 🙂

  41. Engr Asif Bacha says:

    Icc rocked..😁

  42. Aniket Mhatre says:

    Undergarment mask was fantastic🤣😷🤣

  43. Înñoçênt Mønîr says:

    Hope he will finish his career on the high…
    Great batsman
    Love from 🇧🇩

  44. Cricket Sahil says:

    At this present no doubt steave smith is the best test batsman in cricket..

  45. Sai Manoj says:

    Steve Smith apart from being the Best batsman in Tests…Looks the Best player I have ever seen playing against England in those swinging conditions during last Ashes

  46. Reshi Muzamil says:

    Treat to watch
    Hope he will break the record of 51 hundreds in tests

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