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34 Replies to “Who’s the only participant from every other game you suppose would’ve made a excellent crickete…”

  1. Shîwāńsh Bäjğąïn says:

    Jonny sins could be a good choice.

  2. Engr Muhammad Taimoor Maqsood says:

    Me, from Luddo Star??

  3. Owais Raza says:

    Federer would have made a good wristy batsman

  4. SD Mehedi Hasan says:

    Every married player. Because they play between home and field.

  5. Yaswanth Ram says:

    Rafael Nadal, a bowler like Brett Lee and Shane Bond.

  6. Pujon Dhar says:

    Johnny sins
    A talented all rounder of any situation and he played well

  7. Roger Federer there are many things which are in his favor but mostly good hand eye coordination and fitness is the main key.

  8. Md Abu Bokkor Siddique says:

    Before starting his career, Shakib Al Hassan hesitated to take decision which sport he will take between cricket and football.

  9. Mohana Kumar Girija says:

    Federer back hand…convert that in left handed cover drive…

  10. Azri Ahamed says:

    Not one there are two Mahinda Rajapaksha and Ranil Wickramasinghe, somehow they will retain strike

  11. Samarik Iron Hurt says:

    Jony sins can be good allrounder and mia khalifa too .if got a chance

  12. Kushagra Mishra says:

    I think hardy sandhu he is Indian artist

    And he play lot of cricket
    He also play ranji match

  13. Himãñshu Mïttãl says:

    MSD first was the footballer since childhood he played cricket at his fourteenth

  14. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Johnny sins….. He would have been the greatest all rounder of the game.

  15. Ashik Arifeen says:

    Maybe Novak jokovich would have been a great cricketer for his skill

  16. Alif Bhuiyan says:

    Trump is the greatest wwe super star,joker, dramatist, dangerous player in political and very emotional man

  17. Numan Robin says:

    Jony sinch would be a good cricketer..his target is so good😊

  18. Dheeraj Sarkar says:

    Entire pakistani players would be great if they plays ludo. That suits them best cricket is not there game. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Abir Hassan says:

    Brock lesner could be one of the great Cricketer as he has a great muscular body to hit the ball far.
    Moreover no bowler would try to sledge with him😁😁

  20. Saruar Hossain Probal says:

    Novak Jocovice the world famous tennis player could become e good cricketer or Rodger Federer

  21. SD Soumya Sonjoy says:

    Only on obaidul kader jr he is a amazing player in the world he is a all-rounder cricket, football, basketball he also played

  22. Shihab Shahriar Sinha says:

    He is not from any sports, Hugh Jackman is a great actor and would have made a great cricketer too

  23. Ankit Verma says:

    Amrit Kumar …As he is world’s best Ludo player. We use to fear that he might break both Sir Bradman’s and Murli’s record in a single inning. So , just to protect their honour..We never gave him any chance to bat or bowl!
    Abhishek Anand Setu Raj Abhijeet Roy Bhaiyon ek salute to banta hai hamare bahumukhi pratibha k dhani mitra k liye!

  24. Manikanta Naidu says:

    Ambati rayuduDuring the course of the World Cup in England, Rayudu had announced his retirement after he wasn’t chosen as a replacement for the injured Shikhar Dhawan despite being named one of five stand-bys for the quadrennial event.

  25. Rashed Hasan says:

    Shakib Al Hasan would have been a great footballer.

  26. Angshuman Barman YT says:

    Usain Bolt, if he try he can. Cause we all know his running speed. So as a fielder and runner he will run fast. And he is also a good athlete.

  27. Mzingisi Peter says:

    Most of the Springboks would make good cricketers , reason being = most of them they come from traditional sports schools (in winter they play rugby and switch in summer to play summer sports like cricket water polo softball etc ).

  28. Yashwanth Gouravajjula says:

    Usain Bolt! He would’ve been the quickest among the wickets after MSD

  29. Sudeep Lamichhane says:

    Jagat Paudel he is a pro carrom board player of our village but I think he would’ve made a good cricketer too..Cant blame him either as he decided to do what he loves the most.

  30. Amir Foysal says:

    Roger Federer, can’t imagine the crazy shoots he would have played.

  31. Abdul Ahad Ashfaq Sheikh says:

    Maaz Naeem a great Volleyball player, somehow could have been an amazing cricketer had he pursued his cricket career.
    Has won accolades all over the world for his tremendous agility and nimble feet movement. Best player in the world.

  32. Haris Siddiqui says:

    Roger Federer would be good with the bat as well.

  33. Ahmed Taufatun Noor says:

    Roger Federer 😝 He will score a lot only hitting straight. 🎾🏏

  34. Hartik Purohit says:

    usain bolt because he want to become cricketer in his early days and he has good cricket basics which he showed in one cherty match.

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