Azhar Ali units attractions on No.1 Take a look at rating

🎯 “The objective is to end up ourselves as probably the most perfect Take a look at aspects and for this, we need to carry out exceptionally in house and away collection.” 🇵🇰 captain Azhar Ali desires his group to reclaim the highest spot in MRF Tyres ICC Take a look at scores.

Azhar Ali units attractions on No.1 Take a look at rating

Azhar Ali, the Pakistan Take a look at captain, desires his facet to play fearless cricket to succeed in their purpose of reclaiming the No.1 rating in Assessments.


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40 Replies to “Azhar Ali units attractions on No.1 Take a look at rating”

  1. Habib Khan says:

    Great. Vl be on top one across all formats

  2. Haram Fatima says:

    Insha Allah as we were performing in tests before pandemic covid19 if we carry on this after pandemic we will regain our no1spot💪💪

  3. Shubham Walia says:

    Pakistan can reclaim there no.1 spot in Terrorism😂😂

  4. Raju Banerjee says:

    1985 bensoe heges aa against pakistan azharuddin 123 run corona yaad kora diya

  5. Abubakkar Siddik says:

    First from bottom!

  6. EyAsin Arafath Bapon says:

    1st ensure your life from corona..

  7. Saddam Hussain says:

    There will be no cricket till 2021 as far as Corona is rising… So stay home and forget about playing cricket

  8. লিমন হুসেন says:

    India should Proud of themselves for producing best bookies in the world. 😂🤣

  9. Faiq Ali Talpur says:

    Focus on batting bat long sessions Pakistan bowling have potential to bowled out oppositions…score 300 plus in first innings.

  10. Syed Abdul Samad says:

    I m from Pakistan, honestly laughing on his statement….when u have incompetent selector, coach and manager like Misbah…..its only in dream he can think about that

  11. Jayesh Sawant says:

    Pakistan does not deserve to play Test cricket, let alone think of no 1 ranking

  12. Naresh Singh says:

    It will never happen ,this Pakistan team has no guts , and lack killer instinct.

  13. Muhammad Ishaq says:

    Its not easy
    First focus on your batting technique
    Approximately face 400+ bowls per day

  14. Zargar Umer says:

    No 1 why not but no 1 in Pakistan or did he meant no 1 in whole world ..He surprises me

  15. Muhammad Ameen says:

    In order to achieve number one test ranking, Azhar Ali will have to resign from captaincy and let someone else lead the team.

    That’s how we can be number one!

  16. Mehul Kumar says:

    Pakistan Team aren’t able to win a Test Match in Australia & wants to be 1 no. Test team 🤣🤣. they Can be no. 1 team In the world If they Challenge SENA country in their courtyard !

  17. Tariq Zaman says:

    “Impossible to think. Please start tuk Tuk method first follow the instructions of misbah ul haq. Come down. Let your fielders drop catches but you still win the matches ” Misbah ul haq speech

  18. Jabir Bin Hayyan Khan says:

    He has scored a triple century in test cricket but over rated king choker lohli has not scored a triple century

  19. জন উইক says:

    They r taking inspirations from India!More matches at home and become no 1!🐸

  20. Usman Mani says:

    Well for that you need to play more test cricket which is unfortunately not happening theses days. There should be at least one home and one away series with all test playing nations in a single year.

  21. Malik Ahmad Ali says:

    yes pakistan team richly deserve No.1 ranking in all formats of cricket.In the presence of Babar azam56.shaheen Afridi40and Muhammad Amir5.

  22. Hamid Nazir says:

    Yes he can
    He has ability to bring Pakistan at the no. 1 spot in ICC test ratings..
    Not first WC West Indies won
    First t20 WC India Runner up Pakistan..
    You will be seeing him winning Icc test Championship..

  23. Ayoub Mohiuddin says:

    Day dreamily uttered

  24. Sayma Mou says:

    Love And Respect From Uganda❤❤

  25. Khuwab to achy hen hmary captain Kay 👌👌

  26. Rãhùl Yâdúvánshy says:

    It’s impossible …………chokers always remain choker …………..

  27. Aania Mughal says:

    No doubt we will😊💝

  28. By the way, Corona is top in all formate of playing nowadays

  29. Ritesh Rajput says:

    He can set sight on it but can’t achieve it. 🤣🤣

  30. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Impossible while he’s captain & Misbah is coach.

  31. Chandan Banerjee says:

    I am also targeting to be movie star!! no harm dreaming !!!

  32. Subir Dasgupta says:

    Need to call back two W, Shoaib, Yuhana, Yunus Khan..

  33. Pallab Kr MaiTy says:

    Keep dreaming guys. You can never be in top 3 in test rankings 😂😂😂

  34. Surendra Komatineni says:

    Dream big always and all the best but some dreams never come true, that’s the problem

  35. Muhammad Naeem Akhtar says:

    he should do it quickly, bcz after lock down test cricket may start again, practically!

  36. Sandeep Batra says:

    Icc the good way to entertain like a comedy show 😂 😂 😂 😂

  37. Rizwan Ahmad says:

    Give Pakistan more home test series, and then Pakistan will be on top soon, Remember Pakistan is the only team to be 1 one in Test not playing a single test on country soil. 🇵🇰💪

  38. Syed Muhammad Tahir says:

    Azhar ali is very terrible captain he’s a good batsman but captain..
    We can never b number 1 again in tests..

  39. Ariyan Raihan says:

    Sorry but
    Exceptionally perform home and away🥴😑💔

  40. Adnan Dawood says:

    Well with misbah on side we can never

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